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 hello, everyone, Noah wall, shear, would conquer you and in this module on the social media marketing course we’re gon na talk about how social media marketing does not take a marketing degree and how to do it.

What platforms you should be using the I’m! Just looking customers and we identified what they like best about the current product, what they, like least about the current product and what they wish the current product add-on.
Explain to you why leasing is the most effective way to create a residual income.
Leasing takes away trade in how much time do we spend negotiating and haggling trade and it’s reason being because that’s the customer’s product leasing keeps you in constant touch with the customer, Rama, Navami, Bobbie trade ins.

You will never give a customer enough for their trade in customers, have a love for what they’ve been driving.
Don’t beat up their trading, find out what the customer likes best about their last vehicle.
We’re also going to talk about how to touch base on the trade ins defaults.

We’re gon na talk about how to keep asking questions about their wants and needs.
Keep everyone in the party he’s evolved through the whole process.
Whenever I hit a little bit of a slump, as I went back to the basics, don’t be afraid to make a splash, don’t be afraid to get your name out there don’t be afraid to get on video, don’t be afraid to promote yourself, don’t be afraid to Talk about your strengths and what you’re good at and what you do for your profession always go out and conquer what you chase! You .

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