Conquer U Testimonial

Hey everyone Luke munsell here I do have to make this kind of quick, because i do have somebody back in the finance office, but i didn’t want to say that the training with nolan Walsh has been pretty eye-opening.

A couple things I did one touch on was the capacity I create success: module having the capacity that it’s the long game, it’s not just an instant success.
It’s the whole big picture.
That’s a real big thing that he taught me.

Another thing is keeping the customer intrigued through the whole process.
That is awesome, because if you just leave your customer, they lose interest, they lose interest, is in you in the dealership and in the product.
So a big thing is keeping in front of them.

Keeping them excited about the whole situation.
Another thing is a sold follow-up, referral surveys and reviews a big thing.
I’m trying to get the dealership on here, big thing that everyone’s working really hard on plant that seed early about the referrals plant.

It often, but don’t really ask for them and tell the process, is completely complete or Intel.
The process has kind of come to an end.
Another thing is the body language icebreakers and identifying the unspoken module.

The body language in the first impression is a huge thing.
I really really started working on my body, language, walking out and meeting customers even on the phone presenting myself, my body language, setting up right smiling when I’m talking really helped along in the process.
Reading body language has come a long way have studied a lot about the body language and what it means, and then another thing is keeping the kids involved.

The kids are going to be huge decision makers in this I’ve.
Even you know gotten some coloring books gotten.

Some books to read different things for different ages and its really helped me with my closing percentage, Luke munsell.

I really really really am happy with all the training i’m receiving and all the touch bases i’m receiving from nor walsh conference calls.
Everything is keeping me motivated and keeping me going strong, so this is luke monsal .

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