Conquer U Student becomes #1 Salesperson after completing Conquer U online automotive sales training

Hey you know how our this Mohammed Navi from gosh of Temecula, as you can see, I’m at the gym today is my day off finish working out, so I just want to shoot you short video, a little formal training and help me out a lot.

I’ve been doing car business off and on for past 20 years, but for past I want to say six years: I’ve been doing it full-time the one I really like the objection, part of it, especially when customer tell me I’m not here to buy a car.
I love that objection, 99 % of them they end up buying a car, so we have to listen to the customer, find what the their wants and needs build the relationship and along the way you have to build a trust with the customer and, most importantly, when You build a trust with the customer find what their wants and needs and go through the process.
You’re gon na be really successful.

I really thank you for the training.
It helped me out a lot.
I always focus on the customer, nothing else so, for past three months, I’ve been top salesperson and Godfather of Temecula, and don’t thank you so much.

I hope this one helped out a little bit and they will keep trading at your videos.
Thank you and have a great day my way.

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