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Thank you for joining this inaugural course value and objections on the objections in value block, as we are going to go on to 50 objections and 100 rebuttals.
But in this course we cover such things.
Such as attitude is altitude, when overcoming objections realize that your attitude creates your altitude, and this shows and helps you overcome objections.

Use objections, create value when customers have objections, realize what that objection is and create value from there.
There are some things you can only learn by playing the game, especially with value, creating value in overcoming objections and remember the five steps to create value in the objection.
It only matters what the customer values, if you really want to be a master in overcoming objections, realize it matters what the customer values.

Therefore, we can extract the objection and overcome that objection.

Fefe find the objection fix the objection with the solution.
Allegory sell with the story so with the similar scenario that your previous customers have dealt with and how, together you overcame it or you had a similar problem in objection and making the move forward, and you overcame it and overall how to overcome objections in a way That your customer sees this value and provides value to their objection, value and identify the customers wants and needs offer a salut offer satisfaction to both their want and their need create value through their process.

I always teach process process process when we create a value in our sales process and the way we handle ourselves and the way the customers respond to us.
That’s truly creating value in the process always remember the lowest price is not the best value.
Remember you: are the product authority communicate this professionally communicate this in a way that shows that you are not being arrogant cocky, but that you listened to your customer.

You understood your customer and show them that you are the product authority and remember that a dynamite, presentation and demonstration creates value and overcomes objections more than anything else, so get ready for your upcoming survey on value and objections and remember you have 50 objections coming up As well as 100 rebuttals to overcome those objections once again always forever, no walls go out and conquer you, 

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