Conquer Today; The Waves Crashing In

hello, everyone and welcome to conquer today.

What I wanted to talk about on today’s episode on today’s message on conquer today is we’re going to make today’s message on conquer today, a Monday motivational, and what I wanted to ask you is: do you ever feel like the waves are crashing in on you? So this week we’re going to call it Lake Week and to start lake week we’re going to start lake week with a Monday motivational.
It’s on here in front of Lake Michigan and, like I asked, do you ever feel like the waves are crashing in behind you.
So sometimes in life we just feel like the waves are crashing in on us, like the storms blowing in, and we feel that it’s it’s overwhelming and it’s more powerful than we are.

And yes, this is Lake Michigan, and this body of water is more powerful than any human than just about any machine or anything that man makes.
But yet the water is contained and the water cannot overcome us unless we let it unless we get into it or unless it floods.
So what I want you to think about on this Monday motivational is when the waves come crashing in the storms coming in you.

Just have to find solid ground get on high ground.
Keep your attitude up, keep your attitude at an altitude, keep your attitude up and keep pushing forward, because the only person that can beat you is yourself and the only way this lake can beat.
You is, if you go out and you try and conquer it, then it can beat you.

But when you stay on high ground, you stand firm and you live life elevated.

You can conquer what you chase so when the waves come crashing in just keep pushing forward and know that you can make it through because that’s what it takes to conquer what you chase go out: conquer Monday, conquer today, conquer the week conquer the month and always And forever conquer today, .

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