Conquer Today Series I

Hello, everyone and welcome to conquer today, and today’s story is called the tale of two trees.

If you look at the tree on my right, your left this tree is full.
It’s strong, it’s tall, it’s green! It’s flourishing! Now! If we look at the tree on my left, your right, this tree is leaning, it’s dry, it’s short, and it needs a little bit of extra attention now.
This is a metaphor, an analogy and a true story about life, about our relationships with our children, with our spouse, with our significant other with our co-workers, our employees, our bosses, our owners are managers and everybody that we deal with that.

Sometimes we’re big tall and flourishing.
Sometimes we’re dried out and rly knee, and we need to realize this and realize this in our relationships that that doesn’t mean take away from this tree right here, and that doesn’t mean to let this tree go because we have to remember both of these trees were Bought at the same store at the same time are planted in the same soil and get the equal amount of water and similar sunlight.
Yet we still want to focus on the one that’s flourishing, the one that’s doing well, the one that’s big, healthy and strong.

Yet we need to give a little extra attention and a little more focus on the one, that’s leaning on the one that that needs a little more support.
We need to realize that sometimes people in life need a little bit more attention and a little bit more support than they’re getting, even though they get the equal amount.
One is able to do well and to prosper.

While one is leaning and one is hurting, we need to realize this and we need to give a little extra focus and attention on the ones that need it at the times of their need.
So I want you to think about this today, in your relationships with everybody in your life, always continue to give the proper attention to the big, strong, healthy, prosperous person in our life also give just a little extra attention to the one that needs it.
The one.

That’s leaning, the one that needs a little bit.
Extra support might need a little bit more water always give the nourishment that all of our relationships need and we can all conquer what we chase once again, nor Walsh, with conquer today, go out and conquer your day.

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