I used to visit this restaurant and i would always ask the the we just sit at the bar because they’d get you in and out quicker and so i’d always say: hey.
What’s what’s good here, nothing! I’m like man! I want to eat! I’m starving right, i haven’t eaten all day, it’s like three o’clock and you’re saying nothing’s good here now it’s not appetizing right, say: hey! You know what i had the chicken club yesterday.
It was good, but you know what i like: the cube and better.

He would say this to me like every time and i’m like just don’t i quit asking him right.
I just i played guessing game because he, even if it was great the whole time, i’m thinking.
Oh, this isn’t that good, so everything’s the best and i’ve worked with the guy once and um.

He was a sales person that talked way too much nicest guy.
There was, and they aren’t always the best sales people, but i had all the product knowledge in the world, but one time he was sitting at his desk and customers came in and he runs up to him and he’s like hey, mr and mrs smith.
I don’t know you’re coming in today and they’re like um.

Well, actually we aren’t here to see you we’re here to see johnny, and so he said, oh really, and he goes just watch the paperwork.
That’s all i’m telling you that’s something you never say because first off you’re cutting your employer off at the legs right, it’s their free will.
You know we hear sales people all the time.

That’s my customer! No, you might have sold them before you have no possession over them right.
I’ve sold that customer before, but you hear that all the time that’s my customer right, i talked to them.
I had people specifically that were like hey.

Can i deal with you like? I saw you dealing with your customers and i like the way you handled yourself and i dealt with so and so over there.

They couldn’t answer any of my questions.
I felt like they weren’t paying attention, they got a phone call and they got up away from their desk for 40 minutes or i had them run me a payment.

They didn’t even show me the vehicle and i saw them up there, looking on their phone and talking to their manager for a half hour and this this and that so then they they cho.
They choose somebody else right.
So it’s their choice.

So it’s not ours, but we want to to get the customer happy with everything that we have everything that we have is the best.

You know what’s good here everything right.
What’s your favorite! I like this because of this, but a lot of my customers like this because of that you know so everything’s great, don’t ever forget that .

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