Closing Car Deal Over the Phone

Aaron, no Walsh controversy, for how are you I’m doing? Well, I did not catch you in the middle of anything today, all right, excellent! Well, I I got to work on your deal yesterday and you know you guys have been great great customers of mine.

I’m gon na miss you guys when I’m eventually gone for good.

Who knows when that is, but so I just wanted to take all the pain out of the deal and make it easy for you.
So I mean as long as your car is what you said.

I’ll get you the 4,000 yeah, but if it’s, if it’s like you said, I know you and your dad your high character people.
So if it’s like you said you know, we’ll be right there at the 4,000.
No, I just want to make it easy for you, we’ll just use that to just cover everything.

Does that sound good? That way, you don’t even have to come up with any money out of pocket.

It will just come right out of your startup cost and what time were you planning on coming in on Friday? Okay, absolutely yeah! Let’s make it 9:30 just cuz.
We open at 9:00 give everybody a chance to kind of get things going, not perfect, so that will bring your new total taxes and everything to 235, and that will be the sign and drive so you’ll come up with nothing.

That’ll cover your first month’s payment and upfront sales tax and all that good stuff.

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