any questions.

What you guys like best about the presentation, the pace, [, Laughter, ], reiterating good self, uh habits.
You know some some of the stuff we we hear, we’ve heard that we don’t continually practice it.

You know.

Well, you know look at listen to those little seances like the future’s in the follow-up right.
That’s where i came up with that.
I mean that’s where the future is right.

That’s where you ask for referrals.
I hear sales people and i do a lot of coaching for many different industries in that now.

Oh i’m always afraid to ask for referrals.

Well, if you did a good job there, i feel sleazy right.
I feel this well.
If you were that hey, how are you enjoying it? What did you guys do? You know, like i remember like it seemed like 60 of my customers, especially when it was a family, would always go out to eat after they got a new vehicle right yeah.

You know hey, did you guys happen to go out to eat after you got your new vehicle yeah? How did you know? Oh just a lucky guess where do you guys go what’d you get, you know, has.
Has your wife driven the vehicle? Yet right has your husband driven the vehicle, yet i’m not letting him drive it’s my car, i’m paying for it.
You know he can drive his own car or whatever right, hey btw.

By the way, you know never say btw, but you know by the way who do you know that would appreciate the same experience and level of service that i showed you that might be in the market for a vehicle.
That’s in your book club, that’s on your kid’s soccer team.
You know parents of your kids, it’s on your kids, soccer team or whatever, and so when you say this they’ll remember this they’ll remember the experience you gave them and they’ll start to think about it and they want to help you.

You know if you do a good job for people.

You want to help people we were talking about earlier gabe everybody likes saying.
I know a girl right.

I know a guy right so-and-so has a problem and need a want.

We like to go in there because it makes us feel valuable.
It makes us feel like a resource, makes us feel like we’re good for our peers right, so ask them, because they want to refer you, and so that’s why it’s always good to pinpoint it and don’t lose sight of the wave of threes wave of threes.

Is the most effective thing that you can do for follow-up because they continually get it right, you’re staying in their face, and they see that you really care and it’s not like their last experience, most likely they had that they came back for their first oil change And their salesperson doesn’t even work there anymore right, yes, and so they see that you’re, a lifer you’re here for the long haul, that it’s a craft.
You know it’s a profession and not just a job, but i appreciate you guys time it was uh.
It was fun training here with you today.

You guys have my number.
If you ever have any questions feel free to reach out.
You can find me, i’m all over social media.

I’ve got a lot of youtube videos out there.
I’ve got some good interviews with ali i’ve got three or so on my youtube.

I’ve got a ton on facebook um, but i’ve got information there, my website’s on there and uh, if you guys ever, have any questions feel free to reach out.

Just tell me, you know who you are and where we met and – and you know i’ll be more than happy to answer it when as soon as i can .

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