Christopher Gonzalez & Tim Danker

So here we are great afternoon everyone, it’s great to see you again, my god, absolutely no think about ten.

I know for quite some time.
Moving back and forth, I know Tim a very long time attending one of my groups.
I mean since I started then for the last five or six years, or maybe more or elles with my other partner, but Tim’s really got a great product Chris, and the reason why I brought him in here is we you to engage.

Is you? You really know the business real good, so I mean – and I want to talk about what you do – okay and what Chris does and maybe find a merge there to provide a solution to deal with.
Let me just say this: take over the reduce concern about finding the right solution for a dealer, because you know 1809, when a dealer went out of business, you talking.
The average dealer across America has 150 employees.

You talking about a local economy 30 years ago.
It was different, they didn’t have it as on there’s no local economy anymore, totally different, and I have my goddess – had to Caitlin calls.
Okay and the problem with that is when the local economy is no good.

I don’t do any business and other industries that I’m involving.
So that being said, I want you guys to engage and Tim tell about data Experian with that thing about datastore and all that and tell the audience thought solution.
You have it’s unbelievable Tim, real, quick before before you jump in.

I just want to let everyone know that we are back Auto peeler news.
This is game face Monday right Monday, and a lot of us have been displaced and we’re not where we thought was what at one point was normal.
We are working remotely in doing what we have to do to adapt the time.

So with that, I bring you Tim banker, who is the director of an ideal direct, and he has tremendous amount experience in this subprime space generating leads via mail, specifically so I’ll.
Let Tim kind of explain what he offers and what his company’s about.
Well, we’ve been working with dealers since the company started, the company has been in business for 15 years and prior to that me and the two owners were together at another company, so we decided they went out on their own and I followed five years later built Sales floors did all kinds of things, so I’ve been involved with it from the start.

Up recently, I miss talking to dealers.
I was in some roles where I wasn’t management stuff, like that, and I actually went back to to working with dealers because loved it.
My dad was the car dealer growing up and it’s kind of in my blood, but the best product were selling right now is we’ve something that never made sense to me is we do these credit offers for credit score mail and people would come in and not Be matching up near what we what we mailed to, because we bought third-party data through list providers that was really marketed for three to six months.

I think there were, we were told.
You know all the direct mail companies were told it’s updated monthly, but there’s just no way because of the flex in the score.
So I actually approached a guy from Experian at nad a nine years ago and we put up, I always wanted to buy it directly.

So we, over the years we’ve come up with a way now where dealerships can join Experian and do the firm offer of credit that they need on this data.
So when you, when you use credit scores, you have to do a firm offer of credit to the people, that’s the only we can get access to the information that we use for years.
Third party list providers and other list providers we’re using fictitious banks, banks that don’t fund loans and say you know, you’ve been offered you’re pre-approved for a loan through direct lending source or through some other thing.

And you know it’s not a real bank that funds loans.
Well, this way the firm offer credit is coming directly from the dealership.
If we get a big group, we only have to do there’s some paperwork involved, obviously for all illegal stuff, but once it’s done it’s done and if you there’s affiliate addendums where, if there’s 20 stores, you know it covers all of them.

So it’s it’s really worked.
Well and the data has been much more accurate because it’s updated every three weeks and it’s it’s it’s what they call FICA, I get FICA eight, but then it would cost about the same amount.
Is it cost to run a bureau, so ya can’t charge six dollars per mailer or even four trucks per family begin? It’s that accurate but looks like a data works great and we’ve had so much success just recently mailing with a criteria with high interest, and you know I would talk to you as individually about exactly what we’re doing.

But research has shown that everybody on this list in a one point five year window will purchase a car 100 % and to me it’s just a hotbed, you know I’ve had it.
I’ve had for over a year, dealers of in valence with monthly and they’re constantly selling.
You know ten twenty as many as thirty a month, but the three-month window after we’ve done some research with names are showing that, if selling a lot more cars, but as we discussed after the month, you know somebody comes in the next month with it.

It kind of goes without you know getting credit for it, but it’s a it’s a great product and it’s working working working so soon you know, look what I have to say about that data, whether it’s uh you know a month or two months, old or or Two weeks, I think that we can be sure that in the next couple of months that dad is probably going to be pretty similar, with the exception of them acquiring maybe a new loan.
So if they have bad credit today, they’re gon na have bad credit in.
In two months, so we had this conversation prior to actually going live and we talked about people looking at mail per se on their own time.

So they might get a piece of mail today, but might not open it for 30 days right because actually it’s a it’s a matter of importance like I’m opening up my our payments, my credit card bills, my notice of toll violations here and there when, when my My EZ Pass is not registered, but for the most part that other junk mail as we call it kind of sits on the side, and we know when a bulb goes off in my head – that I need something boom.
Oh yeah, remember getting this.
Let me pick up that piece of mail and see what I can what I can do with this.

So you know I if I were a dealer right and – and I am – and I have been I’m not so much concerned – give me that data.
You know I’m in the current repair space as well so, and I know I can help someone repair or remove negative items off their credit and getting them active months or a year in two years as a client, because they went back into that same rabbit.
Hole of that credit you know it’s.

We unfortunately we’re creatures of habit.
You know, so I wouldn’t be so concerned as a dealer that there that dad of being so accurate, oh, I couldn’t agree more and there’s.
You know if you’ve got good, BTC and good customers that follow up with my clients.

I have stories that don’t and I have stories to do, because if these people come to the door today and they have a job and they can’t get in a car, you don’t have the right car, you don’t have the right bank, but two months from now, It’s a different story: if you stay in touch with them, you got to get them back in to purchase when they can, but everybody else is after them to your quote about people you know, keeping bad credit is another reason that bankruptcy lists.
You know I’ve mailed to bankruptcies that happened four or five years ago, because people tend to keep bad credit.
You know so we’ll both will set up letters where, if you’ve had a bankruptcy in the past and they bought a car four years ago now it’s ready to turn over there and they go worked again.

So you know it’s just hitting people at the right time.
Yes, it’s uh.
You know to to your point with credit.

I found even two and three months six months after someone has purchased a vehicle at a higher interest rate mailing them that hey here’s, your interest, here’s what it could be.
You know driving that traffic back to the store, maybe their credit score, did move basis points it and you – and I both know thirty basis – point in me: n –, the difference between a fifteen percent interest rate and a three point: nine sub vented factoring interest rate Right, so you have that nine percent or 10 percent spread and interest that can absorb negative equity.
So you know where most dealers or most sales people will get frustrated at the point that that customer got a car just three months ago or six months ago.

Looking at things the wrong way, maybe their credit, actually they qualify for better rates.

They qualify for a better advance.

You know, maybe they have fifteen hundred two thousand dollars to put down and there’s a car deal there.
You know.
So I don’t.

I don’t lie in through the low percentage the low return their deal they’re to your point.
If you have a good beaten theme between yours that you’re able to convert, though think that make deals out of them, and – and that’s just been my background through special file – look there’s it there’s an opportunity as a deal with every opportunity.
Right have to be willing to explore those options.

So let me let me ask you this: what what do you so with weirdy? Where have you found your your niche? Your greatest return, the last the last couple years, has been mail that we designed – and I actually I set this up to look like the dealer, sat down and wrote it out to you.
We can use handwritten fonts now with laser technology.
That I mean it looks like personal it.

It looks just like somebody wrote it right and it comes up.
There’s companies out there now that are have millions of people sitting down actually writing hand notes.
But it’s it’s ups, the price and everybody wants to pay a certain amount, and this was what I call a handwritten worksheet or a dealer worksheet and with the data we could get through experience with rape and we can hard code in a lower rate and literally Show them on the mailer how much money they’re gon na say you know and it’s all hand written out like the F and I guy wrote it and I’ve had the best luck with it and that’s the one that people are three months later.

Picking up the phone and calling about it, because maybe they even knew when they hope it’s three months ago, make written by well now they can and the your turn your your you’re saying about that lovely term.
Negative equity.
That’s a problem, but it’s not it’s! Just a part of the beast, I guess I would call it but dealerships that understand it, there’s rebates that could be buried into and all the things you just said that make a huge difference like stores that have good rebate programs.

This this most of your subprime mail use boost used cars.
This will move new cars in a lot of areas because they can bear the negative equity in a brand new car, Hyundai and Kia’s dealers have had real good success of it mm-hmm.
So what what I’m? Finding and I don’t know if your ear is to the street with dealers, but I’m finding the factory banks are tightening up a bit, but these subprime lenders seem to be very, very loose and I’ll.

Give you a perfect example: Santander right now, I’m submitting applications and it seems like everything is coming back with with just an assignment fee of 100 or $ 49.
No real big.
You know big as well as Capital, One where, let’s say Honda or Toyota or Hyundai, seem to be very, very tight on on their lending.

What what do you have any opinions on that? What I think this is a question I just asked them either.
Last week, cuz I’m still talking to some people, but you know everybody that I do business with them.
Is they just they’re, wait until to find out what what’s gon na happen here when they even open in some areas? But I asked one of my special finance guys what he thinks gon na happen.

He has no clue and nobody does because I think it might get more aggressive.
You know to get people back out after this pandemics.
Over I mean, but I’m in California.

We don’t even have they’re not even talking an opening date now, just on the news this morning, we’re you know, a big part of the center of the country is May 31st or April 31st, they’re gon na open or May 1st, but out here they haven’t even Talked about it and you know it’s that’s a little scary.
We do a huge, we do huge business here and then there’s four.
We have four reps that call all over the country and I’m one of them, but we you know it’s, that’s that’s something that I’m gon na have to we’re.

Gon na have to start talking about just we can’t even go into our office, but we can work from home source.

You know we everybody’s kind of on hold, but I think you know I think, there’s far as banks go, I’ve worked with banks like prestige Tidewater, for open bankruptcies.
You know they have that niche of open 7.

It’s a little belt, all open, bankruptcies and stuff.
Like that, but if you got a bank that I actually think, if there’s a bank out there with a certain criteria, they want a male 2.
We can design something for them.

Excuse me: I have a store right in town in Long Island he’s the only one that has the license the banking license.
So basically he says this: if they’re bringing were driving as long as the media’s court area, he would tax title and license he’s got ta.
Be a 20 % down.

Okay automatically, you get delivered! No, not if you had a repo whatever that’s the AC, it’s his own money right.
So that being said, that’s a good store for that, and you know a lot of talk about something else.
Have you ever tried? These are companies out there and uh Florida’s made on that and also Texas, because no other two marketplaces that I have right, of course, by the way forgot to tell you.

I’m moving to Florida come August from the middle of August L, beginning September, because I have a lot of come and have a lot of dealerships out there, so I’ll be coming I’ll, be leaving in the winter and coming back and forth the underside.
It’s no bird! Yes, I, like you, know a young so likely due to the new kids.
You know what I’m saying so, but that being said to special finance companies out there, like second-chance finance, new taxes, explain that’s really big.

I get subprime leads too, but we do.
Is we nurture the it’s only online? It’s only on social media.
We nurture the lead.

I tell you what I throw 80 % of that out when it comes to special finance, because we send an automated email and someone hates unsubscribe.
I never even applied you.
Don’t even know the kind of stuff I did stop sending the emails.

You know once in one hour because a lot, I think, a lot of people don’t even go online and fill it out.
Based on what I’m doing now, I see that I drove fifty percent of new car leads away and what people are saying to me saying I never even asked for any information, so I don’t know if it’s could be a bar.
I don’t know what it is, but you know that’s what the problem is and that’s why cars go and all these companies have this problem.

But no special finance program is really good and it’s really even really good.
With a guy like Chris Gonzalez, because the thing is, you can have a strategic partnership with your company and get those people that don’t get approved, help them fix their credit and then don’t get approved.
So that’s the view.

That’s what anyone gon na make this Chris brings a lot of things to the table.
The other company.
Okay, Chris, is a very great motivator.

He knows what he’s doing.
Okay and he’s got a entrepreneur brain you know he’s not.
He really takes a risk and a lot of cars identity.

Let me let me say this Richie, so the reason there’s two reasons why I got into the credit repair space number one was: I got killed in 2008, the recession of 2008.
I mean I I took out.
I just actually documented this the other day and it’s gon na come out, but I’m gon na share it here.

So I spent before I was.
I was thirty years old.
I spent seven hundred fifty thousand dollars in just interest acquiring cars, property credit card debt, debt, debt, debt, debt come 2008 when, when, when the hit the fan, excuse my language, everything everything well, you know no, no, not you know it’s not the Internet’s.

Just look.
People will over-leveraged and it just dropped and fear like right now made it works right and that’s why it’s so important to keep a positive mindset, but number one was my credit went to and I had to file bankruptcy before I can complete my bankruptcy filing.
I had to do credit counseling right and what I learned through credit counseling really really got my wheels turn.

I said man, you know the neighborhood that I grew up in and and in the family that I had.
I didn’t get this sort of education.
How do I begin to educate more people, so they don’t fall into the rabbit holes that I fell in through when it comes to credit, so I started to think about that.

A second thing was being in finance for 13 years.
At the time I was basically dealing with people and being a bearer of bad news, so people would come in they would lease a car or purchase a car and – and I would have to be the bearer of hey look.
You weren’t approve for the original terms.

Here’s what you approved for here’s, why here’s, what you can do to maybe fix your situation, moving forward or down the road right, so I found myself explaining these things and I would watch how people would go from wanting their dream car to settling for what they Could afford and the truth is these people really couldn’t afford these cars at these payments at these interest rates so half of all time it never happens well, the time so the second part of it I said there are tons of tons of leads coming to this Deal into dealerships across the country every single day that they have to turn away because of bad credit, because they don’t have the resources because they don’t have the lending sources, because they don’t have the mental capacity to destruction that deal properly.
Find the right car and sell that to the lender at the right terms, so I started to think about hey look.
If I started a credit repair agency, I could not only I won’t.

We help the public, but I could help dealers find the solution for those bad credit applicants and it was more like a strategy and you couldn’t sell them a car today, but if we could help them remove negative items that are being a reporter on their credit, Bureaus could we sell them a car in two three months? If the answer is yes put them into a pipeline, send me those customers.
Let me help you build a before portfolio of bad credit clients.
Let’s get that credit back up to where it should be.

Let me then deliver that lead back to you, where you can now sell him a car, and it started to work amazing.
So now, instead of advertising for leads and in Google Adwords and using social platforms, I was able to just leverage stores who had bad credit, leads help them fix them and send them back to you.
So you can.

You can now sell up a car and and work with them and it just works.
So those are my two reasons for entering the space.
My own personal experience with credit and being environment of auto finance.

I saw the opportunity to take these customers put them in a pipeline, rebuilt their credit and then sell them.
A car down the road and – and the reason I bring this up – is not to impress anybody, impress anyone in any way but to moreso impress upon you.
The importance of maybe your target audience or finance managers – and I say this because everyone’s job and role has to change right now, if you’re a dealer or an employee of a dealership that thinks come, 8:30 May 15th or whatever the projected date is you’re.

Just gon na open your door and do business the way you the way you did.
You were sadly mistaken.
You know course I’m glad you brought that up.

He puts your company right now as an opportunity bigger than any company there is in the marketplace.

You know why, because it’s gon na start happily were it, was gon na be buying card online customers been actively going through so rooms, so the special finance customers need to get their credit fixed.

Okay for the process.

Okay, for example, Paragon is doing something the Jim Ellis group, my friend Brandon, that’s there.
Let me tell you something: they’ve been doing it for quite some time now: okay, and there are companies that are actually have the solution for dealers to sell cars online.

So Christians Alex’s product that he’s got it, I’m announcing it here, that’s a product that mr.

dealer, you got ta reach out to Chris right now, cuz matter of fact put your number on there reach out to Chris right now, cuz, you know what seven nine seven! Four: zero: seven: zero.
Four, if my writer Chris Gonzalez right now knew that a think and he could fix and repair the course.
Let me ask you a question: if I turn you on to a customer, okay and I want, and I can’t get him a car – I can’t deliver in the kaaba’s credit.

How long would you take your company to turn that customer into a viable consumer, I’m gon na, say this right and and and I’ll go on record? If I can’t get your results in sixty days, there’s nothing that could be done by refund clients that I can’t help fix certain items right, but on average our clients.
He falls ten point.
Two negative items remove over a four month period, but you and I both know if, if we can just tweak the score just a bit and results can come in as soon as 30 days.

If we can tweak the score just a bit.
That’s a difference between an 80 % Cole and a hundred and 10 % call there’s a 30 % swing improves by improving a credit score just a little bit.
So results are endless.

I can guarantee anyone who doesn’t make an effort to fix their credit.
They will be in the same situation, come to three four months.
You know they got to be crazy, not to start to do something and I’ll say one more thing.

What took me four years we can accomplish in four months and here’s the beauty thing right: special hands will always exist and all that, but now you’re increasing the percentage of that customer and the customer today when they fix their credit right.
They go to credit calm.
More monitors, so they can hire a guy like Chris fixes credit mr.

dealer, you need to get ready for what’s gon na happen, because, like 9/11 change, our life okay, this Americans, what happens with American? Just it changes to life all right.
It changes the way.
We think okay, that’s it.

We put a process and I’m a Cuban American right in Q.
Bert happened in Cuban Americans came here and we fix it.

That’s why we’re really really like into politics and all that I’m not I’m not into politics, but my parents are my father laughs, but let me tell you something: is the change in a way of life? So if mr.

dealer, Chris is right – and you think you’re gon na go on so this program or a moment, eland youth is about giving the dealer the solution, because it drives me crazy when the local economy is taking a hit in my town or Jefferson.

I won by mainstream.
The cigar places are closed.

Every place in every business is closed.
Yesterday I wanted a Starbucks Coffee.
Can it’s closed? They even closed you ever Ritchie mine is open.

No, you know what I’m gon na tell you something.
The local economy is really gon na, hurt a lot and also means they’re, like Crispin dollars and like 10.
These solutions are real.

Now, both of you guys have the spoon, show the D legit mr.
You know it bothers me what a deal it doesn’t.

No more hitting – and he spends all this money and he doesn’t get any results right.
Why does that bother me? Because I know that his people are hurting his sales people, his fix us his office that everyone’s hurting? Okay.
So that’s why? I’m always there? In new solutions to better enhance a dealership, I’ve been in the crop is done.

Nineteen years old right last thing I want is to see my industry per a way.

It’s gon na hurt, and I see the writing on the wall.
Listen to me, the writing’s on the wall get online and we pay the credit, because now you’ve got a better delivery ratio.

Okay, so with this solution, every deal of across the country in America should be calling Chris right now.
Why? Let me tell you what the difference between his credit solution isn’t anybody else’s? He come from the automotive space, so he knows how to look at the credit people what’s gon na make it viable, but he’s got the experience of the data.

He’s got the experience of the automotive sector and he’s got it he’s had a fix me, so he makes it just right to get it done now.

What do you think about? That course? I mean, I think it’s I think it’s amazing and and – and I I didn’t I didn’t want this to be about me, but I appreciate everything, you’re saying and you’re 100 % right I’ll.
Tell you one of the difference which is super super important and, and I’m gon na mention a name like Lexington law right, because that seems to be the big company in the credit, repair or credit building space right.
The difference is Lexington’s law has a business model called recurring revenue right and I’m making it like as dumb as I possibly can for the average person to understand what I’m trying to say.

Their goal is to keep someone on the juice like like give them just enough, so they have to pay forever right.
So what they’re doing is they’re sending out disputes to one to two items per credit bureau right? What happens if a customer has 30 items on their credit bureau that have that that are negatively affecting them? They have 15 inquiries that were put by their local dealership.
They have two collection accounts, one charge off a medical bill.

They have a student loan, some late payments right.
You have 30 30 items on each Bureau, you have a total of 90 items and they’re only sending one to two disputes per month.
Now, what happens in one or two months when that dispute comes back and it’s now verified, there’s now a second round that has to go out right.

So these people are looked on these programs for one two, three four years forever until they finally give up and say you know what this is just not working for me, my strategy is to really get that customer back to the dealer or a funding company or A mortgage broker as quickly as I possibly can why the goal is to get them into that loan is to supply my service, and my service was designed for dealerships right, but I go back to what took me four years to do for myself.
We can do in four months, and – and I didn’t want this to be about credit repair, but I’m gon na take it back to the dealership.
Rolls have to change.

Finance managers have to become the new retention people.

They have to become the new special finance department that coal leads get people in or communicate over the phone.

They have to be willing to sell their products and services over the phone.

Just like Amazon, you know I go to buy something on Amazon, I’m being up sold every step of the way.
What are in our finance managers doing it.
You know, and the biggest biggest issue I see happening in our industry.

Right now is dealers are filing for these PPP loans.

Each paint, these payroll protection loans and what’s gon na happen, is they’re gon na have eight weeks to pay this money back and I’m not predicting this.
I’m promising you, your business is going to take some time to get ramped back up to what it was.

These loans are based upon volume and production prior to this pandemic.
So if you have a store that was selling 200 cars for the next three months, they might sell a hundred hundred and fifty, but if their loan is based upon income generated and payroll made prior to the pan, these loans are going to not become forgivable.
If 8 weeks, these dealerships are going to be out of money again and in trouble so they’re taking debt against debt, which is a bad bad recipe.

So if you’re closed right now right – and I hope they’re dealers on this right now, if you’re closed you’re a dealership, you own a store, you’re, a general manager you’re, a general cinema you’re in any position where you can influence what you do next, you need to Get your staff engaged you need to get on a zoom call.
You need to fire them up.
You need to generate leads, you need to start routing phone calls.

Email leads text message to these.
People have them begin to work remotely.
Now is the time to get your best salespeople with leads, because there’s business out there that you’re missing and you don’t have to run the risk of putting them in harm by sending them to your store to have them spend hours there with the hopes.

If someone walks walks in it’s not gon na happen, it’s not gon na happen now and it’s not gon na happen in the near future.
So what was gon na happen in three to five years? Just got pushed up, it’s happening right now.

You know.

Amazon showed that you don’t need to go to big bucks stores anymore.

Uber and lyft showed that you don’t have to be a taxi cab and buy a medallion for a million dollars like Kasia and Zell are showing you don’t even have to have a bank anymore.
Like what do we want? What else? What else do we need guys? We don’t need showrooms.

What we need is qualified people who are willing to take themselves to the next level, get on the phone old-school prospect.

Internet leads text message, build a process around it and work remotely and I’m bringing that up because Tim what Tim offers? Okay, so I’m a dealership now I bite from ten say ten.
You know what I want a hundred Lee example right out of those hundred Leif special finance, I’m getting to live with ten to twelve percent.

If I’m lucky, what about the other people that I can’t deliver eyes now Tim says you know what mr.
dealer, I tell you what those leaves that unit and deliver it.
Let me turn this on to what are my sort ejek partner? That’s gon na repair.

It a little bit right now.
What happens right now? Chris fixes their credit right now, if customers loyal to that dealership, Chris dumps it in a dashboard.
Okay, this customer is ready.

Bank man, your business, has just increased.
You have you have.
Let me just pay you one thing you know so these people, you help them a little.

You help them a lot bottom line.
Is you help them and I hate to say this openly, but they take ownership of me.
They call me for everything right any question.

They have, and I’m not saying me my company any question they have.
That is credit related.
They are you know.

What should I do when should I refinance? When should I apply for a new loan? How should I get a credit card? What credit cards should I apply for you have no idea the service, that’s being done, the relationship that’s being built and that’s the foundation of not just our business, every relationship.
You got to build trust and value and establish a lifelong relationship.
That’s the way you stay in business.

That’s the way you overcome these obstacles, these pandemics, these situations, because trust me it’s.
This is not the first time we’re in a situation like this and it’s not gon na, be the last time we’re in it.
So the question is: how much better off? Are you gon na be how much better off are you gon na come out of this situation? Then what you went in that’s the question I have for the world and let me tell you something special financed when you deliver special finance leads Doug Doug, the Cadillac man, good friend of mine.

He delivers special finance leads.
You know why, when you deliver a special finances, you’re gon na get more referrals that you can ever imagine on new cars of just rent credit.

Do you know why? Because they’re gon na refer their friends, listen! This guy took care of me.

He gave me a great deal and I have made credit, if not, I wouldn’t be driving I’d, be taking the bus.
I Got News for you, my new, like that, your referral business, your retention is gon na go haywire, okay, so subprime is a really special division.
In the automotive sector, that’s why I bought 10 because tell me tonight bottom line.

If it’ll save your business, it seems someone should work.

Not only that he’s telling me about it.
I’ve seen it working different dealerships.

Okay, he does a great job with his solution.
He’s always on my special finance, a group but he’s always promoting stuff.
Let me tell you something he’s amazing what the solution they came up with, and it was it’s through Experian al, because there was years and going through the leads right.

I don’t know if anybody remembers Desert Storm Desert Storm was a really bad time in the car business.
Let me tell you Trigga weeks, you used to sell cause like really like handy mark, because everybody is in the market.
That’s challenge credit because they can get it.

Okay, that’s when the trigger these were really rocky.

That’s another era that was pretty bad with that Desert Storm family session.
So right now, mister dealer turn your dealership around start.

Getting special finance leads from Tim, then the ones that you can’t deliver get on the phone right now call me right now.
Neil output, tens number increases number I’ll, give you an introduction.

I want to do Chris a round table for dealerships.
I had it done when automotive dealing you started.
I had L patron there.

I had Stan shared and I had a bunch of guys before this roundtable thing stops came.
I did the first one right was a BBC.
I want to do a route through a virtual one.

We can’t wait right.
I want to do a roundtable on my life or on zoom, with dealers reaching now to them bring them on.
So they see the solution.

Tim’s got the solution for the special finance.
You have good solution to fix it.
You deliver eight to ten percent special findings.

Okay, now what happens to the other ones you’re, just gon na forget about no, the leads give them to Christians outs.
Have them work them, and you know that customer is with you forever.

dealer he’s one of our attendees when you help a customer that can’t get anything you’re doing wants not needs they, they really really original and the retention there were ten.
I mean look if and – and I take this back to my days of being enough and I and and even a salesperson that customer with challenged credit that you sell.
A car to the retention is is through the roof and they still have the mentality as a subprime customer.

So they’re not busting your chops they’re, not there.
There are the easiest customers to deal with.

You treat them right.
You service them.
They’ll bother you from it forever hundred percent correct right now, possibly you have a profit Center with meeting Chris Gonzalez and tend together combined.

You have a retention program.
Okay and you have a tremendous referral program.

I have big credit.
I go to ABC Motors right.
I go to ABC Motors.

I can’t get done they put Chris on the case.
Okay, Chris gets me done, guess what I go and pick up a car.
I’m gon na tell all my friends that know my situation.

Listen! This dealership got me the card this guy.
We paid my credit, oh my god, you know spot so you that was a three part process here.
You with these two guys mr.

dealer trainers.
Everybody bring them in now.
Could you know what a rama dealer you two guys, I’m bringing in and the story? I had a – I actually had a dealership in Texas a few years ago that the guys were together with bankruptcy attorneys and they did credit repair like you’re talking about and they were in a store.

We literally mailed to people that we knew couldn’t buy way low scores for hundreds tons of debt.
You know all the stuff that you get on a credit file and they knew they couldn’t buy when they get into the store if they might have a car.
Some of them they did some cars too, but people got referred to bankruptcy, attorneys to go file, bankruptcy, come back by a car or get your credit repaired and work them, it’s very similar to what you’re talking about, and they did it for until the guys got So rich, I don’t know what they’re doing now.

He made a lot of money over about a three year period.
It’s crazy! You know, but you know we could mail to those people that I mean really rough.

I mean that couldn’t buy, but then there’s that opportunity to fix their credit and get those people in the cars.

Also Tim, you know what it goes.
It goes back to looking.
It goes back to adapting right and any not reverting.

Don’t revert back to the old ways you have to adapt, you have to innovate to escalate.
Right, like you have to simply do different things like in the past.
You didn’t have to worry about these things.

Well, you know what now you got a now.
You got to focus on them, not worry about them.
You got to focus on them right.

What is your strategy to build your retention? Are you it’s like a rapid process in BDC right, so every every customer has a 90 day cycle until they buy right.
Why is it you know, so the deal goes into special finance.
They can’t get the deal, hung, they can’t get the customer proved.

They can’t get him it’s.
What are what happens to them? They mark them dead.
Can when do they come back? You know when they come back when you mail to them again in six monthly in here but where’s.

Where is your strategy to get that customer back? Why don’t you? Why don’t you tag that customer in your system? Refer it to someone, it doesn’t have to be me right, but anyone.
What is your sure? What is your strategy? I’m not selling my services, but my site is apex.
Credit fix comp by the way right for those of you want to know.

But what is your strategy right? You got to focus on new ways, because it’s not going to go.
It shouldn’t go back to what it was.
If you don’t agree more, I’m terminal, you’re, terminal and you’re only months away from being out of business and it’s sad to say right.

The average dealership employs a hundred and fifty people a hundred and fifty people.
That’s a hundred and fifty families that are being supported by your dealership doing to maintain them.

What are you doing to keep them employed? What are you doing to what are you doing? You know, what are you doing with them? What is your strategy, and – and it’s not you know there is right now, an overnight fix.

It’s change right.
Why? You have good people.
I mean there’s a lot of there’s a lot of salesmen on lots that are there to just smoke cigarettes.

You know and I’ve seen it yeah you got to work, you got to work, lead you got it.
I mean you know the beauty about that team.
Think about this for a second right.

We all have those salespeople.
Those managers, those employees that you employed because they’ve been there right, how’s your opportunity to clean house keep the best of the best right, a guy who sold ten fifteen cars doing manual labor, meaning the entire process showing the car delivering the car.
Following up with the customer, with a with a good automated process, with a good process in place can easily go up to 25 30 cars.

You can double that that salespersons production and, if I ask the dealer, would you rather put your customer your next prospect in front of your best salesperson or with the green pig or the guy who’s or the gal who’s been there who the system breaker? What would you rather do I’d, rather put them in front of my best people create that process create that strategy.
It’s really that simple right.
It’s an overnight success.

It’s called change.
I want to drive that home, like overnight success.

It’s called change.
You have to adapt and do different things: um Richie! Thank you for putting my my phone in the comic there, nine one, seven, nine, seven, four: zero, seven zero.

What I would like to do is I’d like to ask the viewers, because we got quite a few people on it right now, just comment where you’re from where you located.

Please put in the comments section we’d like to know where you’re from I’ll give you a few shot at Arthur Jason Anya earlier next sale.
Another thing that you should be implementing into your strategy into your business is his app no better time now than to use and leverage social platforms.

Look those of you who are out of work.
You have nothing better to do, but to scroll on your feed.
Why don’t you use your app to make video pictures, testimonials referrals right for other things? You got to adapt to the change here.

We also have Dominic Dominic.
Thank you so much for for joining.
Thank you, and the other thing is that I want to talk about.

Is one thing Chris with your program right? That is really really good.
What what is it that a person you I can sell a car? I cannot sell a car, give it to you and in 60 days you turn them around right.
Yes, sir.

Okay, now do you have any technology like invites, I give you a DC motors.
Let’s say I give you a Florida store right and here’s the Florida store fix their credit.
Do you have a dashboard of something that when they become available so here’s the deal? I have a consumer face portal and I have an affiliate portal right so that dealership will get an affiliate portal, so ABC Motors will have their own portal they’ll put their clients information in their first name.

Last name phone number email address simple: my team will reach out to them, get them on boarded, put them in the process and you’ll be able to keep.
We can communicate with you via the affiliate portal, or you can go in there at any given time and see what customers where their credit scores are, and our dashboard will show what their credit score was when it came in what it is in the next 30 Days, 60 days, 90 days, so you could see that fluctuation in scores.
So if there are five nine and you need them to be in a 6/10, you see they get to a 6/10 boom reach out to them and say: hey John, we see your credit is back up to a 6/10.

We like to explore the options of getting you into that car.
You were looking for we’d like to explore the options or perhaps getting you into a refinance.

Whatever you want to set up your process, my team can fizzle out, facilitate organized and want them to do just a few, but the bottom line is it can’t be solely for the sake of selling a car.

My question to dealers salespeople vendors: do you want to help your clients? If the answer is yes, you have to provide a solution for them right objection.
Is this right, I’m a dealer right, so I’m gon na give you my date.
I’m gon na give the lead.

I bought right, I’m sure, I’m sure that you have a contract that that thing that belongs to them and once it’s mixed, it’s then you’re not gon na prospect that yeah we might not sell data to it, is prior Terry cuz.
The deals around that objection.
Wait a minute, but then, when you fix to get it, you can become a lead gen and give it to another dealership right.

So anytime compete! Yes, that’s true, but why would I jeopardize the written did my reputation and my relationship and all these deals right? Did you know they don’t even trust themselves? It’s not a story worked in a bathroom, they don’t even profit.
I’m in this game.
Twenty three years I didn’t get to where I was by doing the wrong thing.

I did it for my clients.
I did it for the stores I worked at.
I came to this day, walk into any dealership.

I’ve ever worked and it’s only been four by the way.
That’s my that’s my reputation, any four of those dealerships and get a job tomorrow.
I never left on bad turn.

I never left left a bad taste in anyone’s mouth.
If I left, I went to it to improve myself progress, my career and, and that is simply understandable, so you were just in finance or just special finance Thunder in storage.

You want the whole ball of wax okay, so so I was in the automotive industry.

For 21 years I was in retail, I created a consulting company for auto dealers called apex advising and I created the credit repair company finance manager in 90 days.
I also teach finance managers, salespeople, excuse me or dealership staff.
I teach them how to progress their career and become finance managers.

I teach them the entire process.
From A to Z, I mean, from the moment they’re handed a folder to becoming a finance director and that’s a very, very long process.
I menu building menu, selling upselling, closing funding compliance.

You know you name it.
I teach it.
I also teach anyone who comes through my training, the necessary steps to position themselves for consideration, and the reason I did that is is when I was researching finance schools.

I found that they were charging upwards of eight to twelve thousand dollars and I said to myself what salesperson can afford to spend eight to twelve thousand dollars to gain the knowledge and experience in order to progress their career? I said maybe one percent, if you’re lucky so what they had to do was they had to rely on their dealerships to send them to school and what dealership wants to make an eight to twelve thousand dollar investment.
Send the salespersons F & I school with the potential law of that salesperson becoming the finance manager, and then they leave their organizations, so dealerships simply won’t spring for it.
So pool is very small.

I charge nine hundred and ninety seven dollars.
I couldn’t make it any cheaper if, if it away for free people would in value it, they wouldn’t stick with it and my position rate right, the ability to secure positions with people would be very, very low.
I would get a lot of people enrolled and I would turn out very few finance managers, so I salespeople dealership staff have to have skin in the game the cheapest I can make it is 997 dollars, but for 997 dollars they get an hour of coaching.

They get a complete a-to-z finance course that teaches them every Enza.
Now everything I just described, I helped them rewrite their resume.
I helped them get interviewed.

I helped them put themselves in front of stores for consideration.
I tell you this.
I start with the store they’re in you know and if you ask anyone who is looking to become a manager of any sort within a dealership, they’re always passed up.

Because someone knows someone who promotes someone right and the only way to break that cycle and break that low is to give someone the knowledge and experience for them to present themselves as an authority in that position.
You know I’ve been selling cars for XYZ time.
I’ve been providing excellent customer satisfaction, I know the do’s and the don’ts.

I know what I don’t like as a salesperson.
What my deal goes to the finance here are some of the things I would change.
If I were in that position and I’m telling you I’ve turned out some of the best finance managers in the industry that value the number one thing and that is the consumer.

You have respect your consumer.
That is where you eat.
That is what’s gon na keep you in business.

That’s how you’re going to survive.
If you can’t focus on that number one point you’re just another guy right and I’m gon na say one last thing.
If I turn it back over to you guys, because I can sometimes be long-winded, but I had someone reached out to me yesterday regarding credit repair and you wanted to know if this would be a space he should get into because he’s worried about competition.

I said to him: listen if you’re worried about competition, and you worry about if you’re gon na be successful, he happen to be a finance mataji with layoffs, you’re worried about competition and you’re, worried about competition right you’re, doing it for the wrong reasons.
You’ve got to do it because you want to helped change some lives if you do it.

For that reason, there is no competition and I’ll leave you there, I’m sorry to be like do you know the biggest guys I want to thank you all for being here.

Come cool clock I got ta go on film, unfortunately, but listen.
I want you guys to engage and Chris the next show when all that I want to bring in another guy that I know that does the same thing.
Tim does has some sort of a solution for that, but more would not subprime so much more like in between subprime and crime right.

What Tim’s got a great product, but this is a solution I want to give to the dealers and you are great at it.
You know you’re a professional actus and you know how to structure a lead.
You know how to structure or deal.

So when you look at their dealer track and see that they’re putting in the world cars is their euros, don’t know was it, it wasn’t the creditors.
This is what you guys did right, so I’ve got that from cars direct a lot.
I’ve been on the road with cars, the rack and they send me to different stores, and I do the assessments and we’re going to do a track.

You see it’s wrong.
You know I mean when you put somebody a LTV at 140 % with a 550 school good night.
You know what I mean.

So thanks a lot for me and he would tend to flag the red store so much.
It was the pleasure you have.
My number send me a message, so I have yours and, however, I could help you in any way, maybe maybe as a back-end but for your scores.

Anyone you’re signing up.
You know what well I’m gon na caucus.
I mean we used to actually an employee.

A person like you that actually worked in our office came from a dealership, a special finance, helping do exactly what you do with people that can’t get done.
You got to chase them, help them with the credit repair.
That’s even the whole part of this that you know if you could sell Ted cars to people that got turned down a month down the road.

You know ten more cars from like we do 25 god, it’s a whole nother goldmine.
Absolutely it’s a whole nother goldmine.
So cool all right: yes, not our good thanks, Richie right there, lesbian .

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