Choosing The Right Job

 the things that I’ll be able to share with you are real.

This is not just a guy that was hired at his dealership to sell cars.
Okay! Well, I was, but I saw many many many other paths and many other avenues of opportunity and at the end of this talk today, you’ll be able to you’ll know how to seek out those opportunities.
Okay, it’s not just about having a desk and talking to people and selling cars and running a dealership.

That’s easy, easy part! Okay, anybody can sit in a corner with a desk and sell cars.
Okay, it’s realizing what you can do with the people you meet and how you can serve other people better so that they can actually become your advocate some of my best friends today who encourage me and write in this book.
As a matter of fact, one of my clients helped me to put this PowerPoint presentation together.

Okay, that’s the kind of relationships you’ll build.
If you approach this, this career, the right way walked into Dixit Toyota and I never thought I’d last a month.
Okay, I’m a student, I’m just you know going in for a part-time job, but they saw something in me that I didn’t know existed so took that job started it off and you know first year went by.

I didn’t do very much.
You know just a learning curve making mistakes as you go, but there was something that I started to pick up on all right.
You know I’m a practical learner and I see things and I make my notes and even if I’m not, you know, showing the results, there’s a lot of making a lot of mental notes.

So I want to share with you some of the fundamentals that I started to learn anyone here.
Let’s say anyone here, her favorite brand that they would like to work for yes, Mercedes Y, Mercedes, okay, all right fast cars, AMG package, AMG wheels.
I I work with Mercedes Benz corporate for a year and a half great experience.

Anyone else has a favorite Auto brand okay.
Why is that absolutely? And that is a great niche market that they own and have owned for many many years and key message about that.
If you’re good at something like that, you own that segment so since you’re good at that, that’s a good thing to focus on so believe it or not.

If you were to go to choose a company to work for one of the things you want is not just about the metal or the sales process or the or the service that you’re offering.
What you want to learn about is: does that company actually have a philosophy? .

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