Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series of public speaking.

Why first-time teachers in front of a room, tough job? We wish you well first time supervisor or manager leading other people.

That’s a tough thing to do.
If you want to be successful – or maybe someone has told you wow, you have a tremendous voice.

Why don’t you think about public speaking and when you got into it kobit hit and everybody and their brother are in this box fighting for space? Or maybe you look at this and say public speaking part of communications? Maybe it’s a decent career change, where i can see myself hitting my goals and dreams.

Well, yes, there are some great two-year four-year institutions that can help you with that.
Also, there are organizations that just specialize in public speaking it’s for a fee, but they can take.

You on a path where, maybe you never thought you had an opportunity to be there or maybe you’re, just one of those people that just peruse through the internet find content.

Look at videos because i want to be a public speaker, but i don’t have the money to pay for any of this.
So that’s why we at champion strategies have been doing this workshop, hoping that we can help out some of you just maybe think, or give you some ideas about what to think when it comes to public speaking, so, let’s get to it for today.

Today i want you to think about trusting yourself, trusting yourself when it comes to public speaking and really linking it with your lifetime of experiences.

We we, we all, have it so i’ll, say that again, i’m going to trust myself as a public speaker, because i have years and years of experience behind me that i always can bring back and it will help me get through my presentation, my training session, whatever You’re there to assist that organization that non-profit that business that department head member whatever it may be now it’s hard to trust yourself when a speech is near.

I myself received the note from a client asking me to present at a last minute.

Now it was on zoom, but i hadn’t had much time to practice and the person who invited me to speak had suggestions that he wanted me to give 24 hours before i was supposed to do it now.
That’s uh some pressure because you got other things going on and you want to help out people it’s the last minute, but you still want to make sure you do it professionally.

So here’s the question boy.

Do you have any advice for me in this last minute situation? So here’s what i responded to the client with, in a sense, a dear wonderful client.
I hope it will be helpful to realize that what you’re going through is very common with your sales team.

Most of us feel we’re inadequate when it comes to preparation, because we fail to practice and when we don’t practice for days, i can promise you.

Your team will feel inadequate when it’s time for them to engage with that decision.
Maker and many speakers are delivering well meaningful conference organizers with all types of suggestions, since we can’t be in that space to try to help them out but kind.
Sir, here’s my advice.

I then suggested that my client do some work.
One thing i asked them to do because they contacted me just 24 hours before they wanted me to do something manage yourself and others.

In other words, your number one focus before any speech must be on taking care of yourself and that’s particularly true.

If you’re speaking at a conference, lack of sleep too much socialization, fear of not doing the best being unfamiliar with food and drink in certain cities can throw you off so by explaining him to that saying that relax.
Since it’s virtual, we won’t have to deal with that particular situation.

Here’s the other thing when dealing with whomever invited you to speak, be respectful, say things that i will try remember this is last minute.

I will try to incorporate that.
Let me see what i can do about, including that in the presentation, don’t don’t argue with their requests, because that’s not going to get you anywhere, don’t point out how stressed and time-tensed you are just listen, be respectful and see how you can help them the best.

That’s the challenge and then the last thing trust yourself come on now: you’re professional, when you feel off balance before preparation, dig deep trust in yourself and the confidence in what you bring to the table and remember that your talk is composed of things that you may Have learned during your lifetime, you always have something to say: don’t get caught up in the things and giving a good speech that’s going to depress or put down or not relate to the team members of the audience.

That’s there also give yourself permission to say those interesting things: those little stories, those antidotes, those sidebars that can fit into this particular situation.

And after i emailed the client, he emailed me back and he said no worries do what you do best and we will take care of you because we know what you bring.
So i say that to say this never refuse an opportunity to help out when somebody emails, you texts, you even calls you and says we need your help last minute.

Don’t show them away by saying i’m too busy.
I can’t do it get back to because now you’re going to take yourself out of that inner circle, do what you can at your speed and your pace to help out that organization as a public speaker, because they’ll always call you back once again: brandon hardison speaking At our public speaking workshop, giving you experienced people a little nugget because we’ve been down that road before but for the new people always keep that in mind.
Don’t get stressed out, be a professional, but you got ta practice once again.

As always in parting, you go out and you .

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