Good morning branded Hardison president of champion strategies for ongoing series on public speaking.

Once again, I keep telling you that I admire the teachers who will be engaged with our students.
This is maybe your first time teaching or maybe you’re switching a district, but still you got this box or distant learning that you’re working with or maybe you’re one of the ones that won’t be going back into the classroom with the babies.
So you need to know what to do in front of the class or you’re a new manager and a supervisor you’re leading people and that’s a beautiful thing.

So maybe public speaking was nothing that you have to do before.

But now I have groups of people and sometimes even larger groups of people to be speaking to, or maybe you came in right at the beginning of the year and you were ready to get on stage with conferences that were going to be going on in your Area or anywhere in the nation of the world and we were hit with the virus or maybe you’re someone out there – that just seeks information and you can pay for it.
There’s some great institutions out there that can help you out two-year four-year specializing in public speaking or you don’t want to pay for it.

Then they just want to search the web and see what’s out there.
So we’ve been doing this now and I just want to keep rotating different things and so what we’re going to do, starting today, it’s let’s go through some steps: we’re going to do our champion strategies public speaking workshop, if you will so what we want to do Is just get so if you’re just watching this take some notes play the video back, but our first module, if you will, will be getting started so well and here’s the thing that most people have heard or have felt or have read.
According to a lot of surveys, 41 % of people think that public speaking is their biggest fear, forget small spaces, darkness spiders, it’s standing in front of a crowd and talking is far more terrifying for a lot of people in the United States in the world, and That’s all right, however, if you can master this fear and get comfortable, confident speaking to a public.

This will be a great ego booster, not to mention a huge benefit to your career.
So what we want to do, starting today and move forward, is our own little workshop.
That will give you some public speaking tips, including some in-depth information on developing and engaging a program that you can deliver with a little bit of power and your presentation.

So, like any good teacher out there, we have to have some objective.
So our objective is to research and demonstrate clear goals associated with the learning that occurs easily and rapidly.
With this in mind, what we’re going to try to accomplish with our workshop is, we need to identify who our audience is going to be by identifying who your audience you can tailor.

Your content tailor your message exactly just for them.
We have to create a basic outline once again we’re not reading from a script you may or may not have teleprompters, usually just index cards or just sandpaper.
So we need to get a basic thought pattern of what we need to practice and go over.

So we can sound professional.
We need to organize our ideas because many times we can stick on one idea and just elaborate and go out and let field and we never come back.
We need to get the presentation to a point where we are so dynamic with it.

It comes off flawlessly now.
By doing this, we need the Frey and some of the right words to use, and we prepare everything in detail now.
Overcoming nervousness comes with practice, so as we practice, we can deliver a polished, professional speech, so handling questions and comments effectively.

At the end of your speech, many times you’re going to have to be prepared for that.
So, for the next time, I’m in front of you, your pre assignment review, I want you to start thinking about a topic of public speaking, think about the most effective presentation or speech you have ever heard.
Go on YouTube.

If you have no ideas, you can have political people entertaining people who receive awards, but what is the most effect? The presentation, even maybe from a man of the cloth or woman of the cloth, keep it in mind during the day to help you identify particular applications tools, techniques that were discussed.
Maybe there was some PowerPoint given.
Maybe there was some video being used for 10 or 15 seconds, but I just want you to watch someone’s speech and when you do that, take some notes of what you like what you don’t like and then in our next session, we’ll move forward.

But this is just the introduction in so with that said, Bryant and Hardison president champion strategies, as always imparting .

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