Hi brandon arneson president of champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking, because you need it more than ever before whether you are a teacher in front of students and now it seems like more schools are opening up so they’re going to need.

You remember the first thing you say at the very first class: you need to make sure you’re consistent throughout the remaining of the year or students will be watching you to see how fair your words are: maybe you’re a new supervisor or manager leading a team.
Now, congratulations.
You will be meeting with your team they’re watching you and listening to you to see what you say for consistency.

Remember you’re there for their success.
Once they’re successful, you will be successful, or maybe you just wanted to be a public speaker in front of audiences, doing conferences, doing receptions, reunions whatever it may be covet hit.
So we know there’s a lot of options, a lot of great institutions where you can pay for it, or maybe you would like just to have some free information and that’s where we’re helping out so we’re going to pick up from where we left off yesterday.

Talking about when it comes to public speaking, how do you win over the audience with a great first impression, so here’s where i’m going to get you to start thinking, don’t want to recap from yesterday, because time is short we want to move on.

We all were taught to never judge a book by cover right, so think about somebody.
That’s well groomed sharply dressed.

The presenter is in front of you and he has a far better impact on the audience than a googly-eyed sweet little person in sandals.
This is the image that the audience is getting like it or not.
People may look and make their final judgments and decisions, even before words come out of your mouth, so taking some extra time to put yourself together is a real sure fire way to boost your confidence.

The importance of a good first impression is initially resisting to some reliant to others, but if you look at it from a guest, it’s going to be resting on them to say alrighty, that’s the person we want to listen to just for that particular day.
Now you may have a different audience, a different message altogether, but traditionally you see your mind is in your look and your body angle.
Your body language, along with your look, makes it easy and pleasant for many.

So a good outfit paired with a good pair of shoes if you’re smiling not scrolling at the audience, studies say that poor body cues give across so much negativity like cross arms biting of the lip frequently saying things that do not appeal to people like uh.
You know you know, you know, you know you know, don’t you know, we need to stay away from those things.

So when you get on the stage or enter the meeting room, take a quick moment to check out postures.

Relax your face your muscles, it’s much more comforting to be remembered for your smile and charm than it is for you nail biting or looking like you got.
The deer in the head, like always be comfortable in your own skin, because you practice and you’re confident now spend some time.

Reciting your speech in front of the mirror in front of a friend in your car.

The more you practice, the better and confident you’re gon na sound and look it’s not just a matter of seconds.

Keep in mind that the people that you’re presenting to will decide whether or not they want to listen based on how you look sound and what you’re doing? How do you address certain issues? So, do you look clean well groomed.
Do you speak clearly enunciating with good articulation? Do you move naturally and smile, often once you know how to make a good first impression, you’ll win over any audience.

That gives you the advantage for being called back for your students.
Learning for your team members being successful if you are their boss, so first impressions do count once again: brandon hardison president champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking and as always in parting, you go out and make it a champion day.

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