Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing public speaking workshop series.

So let’s get right into it.
For today, we would like to get you to think about a successful presentation where practice has separated the best from the rest, why they practice continually throughout the year, but practicing doesn’t take as long as you might think, because you don’t practice the entire speech at once.
Each and every time you do it practicing speech is a collection of ideas and if your practice is set up for individual thoughts throughout the day, they’ll take much less time to master, in other words, free up some time by avoiding the normal mistakes.

What would be some of them practicing individual ideas instead of running the same ground over and over and over you’ll, probably have seen the hamster on the wheel going around and around and wondering why that hamster was doing that well, going nowhere and expecting a different result.
We’re trying to just relate to you that practice is the biggest separation that you’re ever going to do for yourself, your friends, your career and for your self-confidence practicing.
Your entire speech may be good, but over time you lose thoughts, because what we need to do is take them in sections, so we can focus in on those particular sections.

Now, if you’re a person that does not like the practice, i will let you know right now.
Your speeches will never improve.
So how does someone practice just the individual ideas well think about where you’re at in the beginning middle end of the speech and i’m just going to work on the middle? Let me master the middle.

Let me get my voice inflection.
Let me get my body language.
Let me get my gestures and just continue to do that.

Then let me go back to another part of the speech.

The beginning of the end.
Do the same thing again.

You will find out once you start mixing matching doing some things with it.
That practicing is pretty much like one two three, but getting people into the concept notion of practicing every day is the most toughest job that any coach that anyone that is supporting someone can do and if you have no support and you’re doing it on your own Yeah, you can get very frustrated and just say: well, i’m just gon na put it down for now.
Remember this, it’s almost impossible to find a few minutes in a busy day to practice.

That’s what most people think, but what you’re thinking is.
If i just invest three minutes here, if i just find a way between commercials between radio and tv, i got time here because that gives me another 90 seconds gives me another two minutes just find the time where you can practice every day, because when you practice Every day and you practice every week and it becomes a habit you’re going to separate yourself long ahead of everyone else and who would know the audience they can hear how you sound, how your points make sense, how your body language is encompassing those particular explosion, points Or takeaways that you want that customer or that student or that team member or that audience that paid you to come, they’ll ask for you to come back again, so practice practice practice once again, brad and artisan president of champion strategies on our public speaking workshop.

As always in parting, you go out and you make it a channel.

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