Hi brandon artisan president of champion strategies for part two of our public speaking workshop dealing with children.

Yes, the babies.
We touched on the last series why we think introducing public speaking to youngsters and the elementary grades would be beneficial in helping them as they progress through middle school, high school and out into the workplace.

We need to teach our kids these things, because when we manage their nerves and help them to speak with passion, clarity and impact at a young age, their comfort zone, their self-esteem, their ability to tell stories even about themselves, if not for people they interact with in School goes up outstandingly well now to succeed today in the workplace.

We’re called upon, as you know, to communicate with confidence to articulate information into a clear, coherent way that peers and colleagues both can understand and be glad that they’re around you in this work atmosphere or even if it’s play but to be successful in life and work.
We need to be able to connect with people so a message to the parents.

Children need to be heard as well as seen, and our job is to help them find that way.

So we need to keep encouraging our schools to teach our children how to find their voice.
Public speaking is critical, but on its own, it’s still not enough.
If you’re a parent, please just don’t wait for it to happen.

You may have to take a major role.
Making sure that it happens, the first challenge is very simply to make sure that we get to the school board and let them know your feelings in the elementary level.

What do we need to do, even as far as a group to look to see how we can start building public speaking to the youngsters, perhaps get together with a teacher that is very confident, have some extra time and we can start playing with a few students.

As a test to see how it will work, what we do know is that, when fun meets confidence now we have a student that has no fear of the academia, but can express themselves also in any situation which rounds out the other hobby interests, whether it’s sports Books, films, whether it is social media, but the confidence level will also be there when we teach them how to breathe properly when they speak once again.
The confidence as the future, especially when it’s time to interview, will always be there.
Teaching our babies at a young age about public speaking is only a win-win for everyone.

So if you as a parent or guardian, hasn’t thought about that, get together with your local educators on the elementary level and see what you can do to help move this point.
But we do know a child that is more comfortable in a public speaking environment of communication, as a youngster will improve in middle school, improve greatly in high school and be ready for almost any challenge that is out there once again.
Brandon hardison president of champion strategies.

Thank you for joining our public speaking workshop and as always in parting, you go out and make it .

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