Hi brandon martinson president of champion strategies with our ongoing series about public speaking so got an email from a educator first time first year in the classroom.

Congratulations, she was asking about um public speaking for the babies for the little ones and interesting we like that.
But as schools all over the world have been closed, then open well, we now are reopening the stages of the schools in the united states.
Some of the southern states are already open in the northern states.

They’ll be opening up in september, but i’m reminded once again of what i believe is directly needed for public schools is public, speaking being taught both at school and at home for the little ones.

The benefits to speak confidently in public at the youngest possible age can play huge dividends across all areas of our lives.
These dividends that are paid are not only to your family yourself, but your community.

It can be a great self-esteem booster for a lot of students as they’re going through school.
It can help to influence or persuade others more effectively.

How about thinking critically and creatively? New social connections can come from it enhance personal relationships just becoming more comfortable with people and, more importantly, at a young age.

How to stand up to bullies that are also, as you get older in the workplace, public speaking can help to inspire people and even change.
The world the world really does open up when you when we know how to get our point across with speech it has impact.
I attend a lot of conferences and seminars over my life and each time, i’m amazed when it comes to the q and a of how people feel about little ones when it comes to public speed, and just like i told you it’s a burning question, it needs To be done, the sooner it can be done with the babies you’ll be in good shape.

In fact, it hasn’t changed really in hundreds of hundreds of years when it comes to understanding public speaking should be part of every school’s curriculum.
In my opinion, i’m pretty confident that as people pick up and understand and bring it back more, especially to the elementary grades, it goes a long way to help students answer many questions that are in their minds right now, but they can answer themselves as they get Over the world has changed, it will continue to change.
Our intent is to get people to speak more fluently when required, with confidence with sincerity with passage the more you have, the passion, the more you have, the integrity you can leave a school and go to the workplace and do something as easy as conduct an effective Interview for a job just with public speaking now doesn’t have to be what the conversation was a day ago a year ago, find something that the little ones are interested in and just start to develop words sentences, phrases, paragraphs, let’s face it, communications on his own is The most potent medicine of interaction that all of us can have and if we can start giving it to our babies at a young age, we’re in the forefront.

Now, i’m going to give you the balance of this on the next session, but having public speaking for our babies is the best thing that you, as a parent, guardian or educator, can do to help create another great american citizen, brandon hardison.
As always in parting.
You go out and make it a champion.

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