All right, brandon, artisan president of champion strategies, with our ongoing workshop on public speaking.

We had a parent and guardian that was concerned about the model un concept, a great extracurricular activity, so we were just winding down on that.
So continuing on some final tips for public speaking for model un many of the public speaking tips are summarized in the previous points that i said yesterday, but just to go over a few.
A memory prompts don’t need to write out a whole lot of notes.

Index cards but what’s going to trigger in your mind, by seeing that particular word or phrase, that’s all you need on an index card.
Don’t need a whole thing, projecting your voice, so the crowd can hear you if you have not worked with anyone about.
Speaking from the diaphragm uh check it out, you already have some experts at your schools.

I guarantee you who can help you with that, but that’s when you really know that you’re ready develop a stage presence everybody’s different, so you’re going to be different than me.

You’re, a little bit more animated, lively, maybe a little bit more funny but develop it eye.
Contact is always a must got to cover the room, making sure that everybody, even if it’s in a balcony, is not left out.

Your posture straight strong, confident facial expressions like we said before nonverbal communications is a good way to catch.
A lot of people along with hand, gestures so seeing a video of you speaking, can be a great way to develop stage presence in the long term, because a video can also help identify, reduce any communication annoyances.

So organize your stage.

How you want it around you? The seating, if appropriate, and how you would like to use that audience to your advantage now in the age of covet and since we’re on the screens here um.
We cannot look at those tactics right now, but if we ever get back always find a way to organize and get that audience where you can use them to help, you get the word across see you break down barriers with your audience when you find out something About the audience you can tailor your presentation to their needs.
What is important to one organization may not be important to the other or social order, whatever it may be, have the good targeted, specific story and content for an organization.

This information helps you build some type of support and when barriers are broken and individuals can see you for your strength and how you deliver the material believe me, they will be calling you back as much as you can stand it and help contingency clients.

If you know you’re starting off, we want to make sure we do a good job repeat: referral business, good, making sure that the references are good, making sure that the reviews are good, all that’s there, but in the back of your mind you should be thinking what Happens: each time that i’m in front of the group and something may happen because it will it does it’s dealing with live public, so the more you can be prepared for contingency plans.
If something goes disarray the better.

You show your audience that not only you command the content, you are a subject matter expert, but you’ve been here before.
I know what to do at exact times when you get your customers to see you that that level, especially in a model? U n, when we’re talking about teenagers, but if they’re performing like adults in front of these judges great opportunity to not only look good for themselves in their schools, but please remember parents and guardians: there’s dollars fixed to extracurricular activities.
It’s not just sports! It can be debate montreal you in check those things out and see what you come up with once again: brandon hardison speaking for our workshops now next week, we’ll get back into some more things about public speaking, but i felt that it was necessary to address this Parent and guardian for this issue, because it seems so warm and sincere, so i hope we did give you some of the answers you were looking for and always imparting.

This is bright and hardison for public speaking workshop.

You go out and you make it a champion day.

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