Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking.

We were talking about model un uh, giving a speech it’s a great thing that they have in high schools.
Hopefully, more middle schools will get involved, that’s where it really needs to be starting, but no matter what, as it progressed through secondary education, then on to college.
It’s all part of assisting with public speaking plus many schools who do well, they go on and they have regional state national championships where educational dollars can be used for the people that do place well, so picking up on what you need to present during this model, Un speech is compassion.

It’s always important to speak from the heart with passion.
Hence the spanish term compassion always maintain eye contact with the audience in doing so, the audience will feel connected to you and your speech.
This is what you want, and you want to grab and to hold their attention all throughout your presentation.

There’s going to be critique when you practice get critiqued, it’s better to critique than to criticize critiquing is a constructive way.
It allows for people to grow and improve criticizing.
Just brings people down no motivation, no confidence.

You don’t want that, but a critique should be accepted positively, since it is a tool that is used to strengthen your public speaking.
That’s all we’re trying to do so.
Some additional things to think about if we can eliminate some unnecessary speech filters from your communication, uh filters or words and phrases like um and well, or it’s sort of like it’s kind of like these.

Take away from the message that you want to convey to your audience some of the words and phrases to eliminate include.

You know, i think, i’m sorry just but should like those words when they’re eliminated from a speech.
The speech rises a few rungs on the ladder.

So, let’s please remember that, and also the powerful pause do not be afraid to have a moment of silence between sentences, a pause after a thought and a preference.

A response to a question holds the attention of the listener.
If you do need to breathe, remember it’s from the diaphragm when we breathe deeply and often more relaxed, more confident.

Please remember to pace yourself to not talk too fast or too slow and physically position yourself in a powerful stance.

Be aware of your posture when you speak, slouching tilting your head crossing your arms or legs diminishes from the message.

Stand straight, shoulders are down feet, firmly planted knees are unlocked and when you speak project your voice, so that can be heard and carried all throughout whomever is listening to the message by speaking from your diaphragm.

Not your throat keep the sound in the low to medium range.
This projects authority speaking loudly enough to be easily heard now, focus on speaking with enthusiasm.
Energy create colors inside your voice.

People really who are on auditory will tune into that gestures.
Do not be a statue consider occasionally gesture here there speaking from a platform, is different than holding one-on-one conversations, so use your whole body when you do speak and connect with your audience use a lot of eye contact speak directly to an individual member of the audience.
Do not take your eyes off your audience, focus on a point that is at them or just right over the head.

Now the person behind them thinks that you’re looking at them, but no matter what confidence! That’s! What it’s about make a conscious effort to project yourself and confidently as you can.

This is an important message.
It all starts with confidence.

This way, whoever is listening to you, especially the judges, will hear and see a performance from the model you in that only you can do so.
I hope this answers your questions.
We did it in a two-part series once again, brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking, throw me a question, be glad to answer it for you and, as always in parting, you go out.

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