Hi brandon artisan president of champion strategies with our ongoing public speaking workshop.

I had a parent call me about their high school student and wanting to know more of how public speaking can help them with the model u.
n outstanding thing to ask about, because what many people do not know outside of the traditional sports arena for football, the basketball, The baseball you can do public speaking, you can do mock trial.

You can do model un and still gain opportunities to attend college on someone else’s diet.

Schools who do a great job with public debate.

Montreal model u.
n all have national competitions that start at the local level and the more you progress up.

The better opportunities for scholarship monies are there.
So, let’s talk about what you need to do or your child needs to do to understand this model you in and speaking in it.
First of all, they need to be comfortable and confident to at least join and find out more what model? U? N is all about with today’s technology, is not that hard to actually go online and see the history of un and why it started what it’s there for.

So i don’t want to give you a history lesson, but i would go back to woodrow wilson and his famous league of nations that he proposed at the end of world war one.

But let’s talk about model u.
n when you are writing and delivering speeches in an important aspect of model.

N assimilation speeches are there to help delegates, convey their positions of their member state, helping build consciousness and start formulating resolution.
So usually, the committee sets the speaking time and the delegate makes a motion to set the duration if the motion has been seconded by the body of votes.

So here’s what i would suggest, although speech making, is very important in the model.
Un simulation many delegates biggest fear is public speaking, it’s essential that the delegates come in with confidence well prepared, meaning that they have completed prior research, knowing their country’s position and even have objectives for a resolution during the q.
A now delegates should observe decorum, be polite when speaking, the opening of a speech should always begin thanking the chair.

Thank you, honorable, chair and also the fellow delegates now in an opening of the speech.
It should include briefly some of these things.

The introduction, naturally, of your country and the history of the topic any past actions by the un or its member states to combat the problem.

What is the current situation of the topic that you’re presenting your country’s overall position on the topic and and why some possible ideas or goals for a resolution, whether there’s room to negotiate your position and if there’s no stringent, set guidelines? How the other delegates should execute their speeches should decide on the moderators now, since public speaking is a skill, it’s important to practice, and you know i always say in public speaking, we have to practice practice practice practice.

The audience should always be considered when making the speech be aware of the audience and their diversity.

The beginning of the speech must captivate the audience and motivate them to want to hear more.

It must pertain to an audience interests, so just some tips.
I call them the six c’s to improve your ability when it comes to model.

U n international guidelines and those six c’s would include confidence.
Naturally, that comes from you, the the power of your voice, the way that you look and cover the room and as a speaker, you must have confidence in yourself, otherwise the audience will lose confidence in you.
The second c would be clear.

A speaker can do many things beforehand to assist them in speaking, clearly write an outline of the topic that you’re going to talk about, always remember to speak slowly.

This will allow the audience to hear everything that is said, know your terminology well beforehand, to avoid fumbling words to enhance the words properly.
It’s about articulation and number three would be concise.

A good cup of speaker will present his or her points in a clear cut fashion, unnecessary words and information shouldn’t be used because remember you have different delegates from different countries and they may not understand you going that deep into the woods.
So do not ramble on about the topic in order to appear that you’re knowledgeable about the subject.

The fourth c would be constructive.

Constructive, an effective public speaker needs to be constructive, oriented to the audience and the topic start with a solid foundation.
That brings all of your ideas and your points together.
This way, anyone in the audience can look at it and said yes, i do understand where you’re going now, if you can do these things that i just talked about you’re well, on your way to be one of the greatest team members of any high school model, You in now we’ll talk about the importance moving on or the following remaining seas in the next series or part two once again, brad and hardison talking about model un for high school students, great question from that parent and we’ll pick that one up on the next Video, so as always in parting, you go out and make it a champion day.

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