Hi brandon artisan president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, giving you the consumer all the knowledge that we can.

So when it’s time for you to make your next vehicle purchase, or at least you’ll, be better informed.
I’m going to pick it up by something that i know that’s meant on your mind as consumers.
How can we create customer confidence? That’s what dealerships, independents and manufacturers are always thinking about, especially as we still deal with this pandemic.

So when we think about the word confidence in the context of sales, we use it related to the salesperson and sure we know that a salesperson’s confidence level affects their sales without a doubt, but the data also suggests that we should give equal consideration to the consumer.
Confidence now i have no problem with that.
I believe, in that sincerely all we need to do is put our customer confidence and instill in every employee’s head.

It creates positive, priming effects.

In other words, we make our customers feel as warm open comfortable.

They will be in prime effect for decision making, remember they’re going to purchase from somewhere.

It should be you or your team do something different show something different act like you’re different than the person, that’s down the street.
So, what’s a positive priming effect, we can look at this many words, but a positive prime effect is really speeding up the process.

While a negative prime slows the process when we focus on creating confidence in our customers, the first stimulates why the second doesn’t stimulate that.

Much so the good news is: is that sales people, any sales person even at a bad dealership, can learn how to strategically create customer confidence throughout the sales presentation and here’s a couple of apples listening how many customers out there yeah sales people didn’t.
Listen! That’s why i didn’t want to buy and you’re right.
We have a tough time listening how about holding a conversation, not an interrogation having a salesperson with a guest hold a complete conversation and here’s my biggest thing after your five minute, eight minute, ten minute conversation, whatever it may be, does the sales person recap? How can you the customer know that they heard everything? You said your needs, your wants your desires and you were watching them.

They weren’t taking copious notes.

So you wonder if they are going to bring around the vehicle of your choice, but by recapping it re-ensures, the guests that you were listening because they’re giving you back what you said that you’re looking for your next automobile now watch your rhetoric.

Remember we need to be professional at all times, consider how you address people in front of co-workers in front of themselves and their family members.

All of these small little things, customers are watching, provide a why you are smart to buy now message.
The key thing is, retail, is a one-set sale or one step go grab it off the rack pay for it.

That’s how it was designed.

We know you’re going to purchase a vehicle from somewhere might as well be us, but we have to earn it.
We need to do some things so you’re comfortable during the experience.
First thing i would say: let’s get some message supports from the buyers who already want to believe in ourselves and our products, because they love our manufacturer and they love the vehicles that are there.

Second, why don’t we approach providing the buyer with sound bites that they can share to others about a particular product and service that we’re currently doing at the dealership by keeping transparency open by you, the sales team or everyone working in the dealership if they are always Smiling having fun waving at their co-employees, interacting with you, the consumer, and it’s all done not because they were told to do it, but you could see it’s part of their natural persona that gives customers an ease, knowing that they can come to a place where people Are really concerned about their wants and needs and desires and what happens to their vehicle after the sale? That’s what you need to be looking for once again: brandon hardison, president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, giving you the best information that we can so your next automotive purchase will be a lot smoother and, as always in party you go out and Make .

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