1. Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

Public speaking is one of the five biggest fears in life. Most people think of top public speakers and assume that they don’t get nervous but most of them that’s not true.

One of the most sought out speakers, Mel Robbins, said she still gets nervous before every event. And she speaks all over the world!

Instead of using this fear against her, she uses it to her advantage. As she said her best-selling book, The 5-Second Rule, “Your brain doesn’t know the difference between fear and anxiety. It’s up to you to let your brain know you’re excited, not scared.”  

2. Only Speak About What You Know | Public Speaking Techniques

The easiest way to get flustered, nervous and want to run off stage is if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Only agree to do public speaking on topics that you know a ton about. Keep your message simple.

Don’t try to become an expert about a topic you know nothing about the day before the event. Start with a core message around one or two topics and go from there. The last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed when you’re on stage. 

3. Convince Yourself, Not the Audience | Public Speaking Techniques

So many people make this mistake when they start public speaking. They try to sell the audience on their message to the audience. This is the wrong approach.

All they need is to believe that you believe what you’re saying. This simple tweak will reframe how you prepare and make it easy to speak on stage. 

4. Use Stories, Not Stats | Public Speaking Techniques

If you want to be remembered for more than a day, you have to learn how to tell stories, not share facts with your audience. People attending will get bored if you’re throwing stats at them over and over again.

Instead, you should try to become a master storyteller. Not only will this help you stay on topic but it’ll flow more natural than repeating a bunch of numbers from a survey or study. Telling stories is one of the oldest ways of sharing messages with other people.

Not only will your audience remember you but you’ll have more fun and find yourself much less nervous. Which is what we want the audience to see.

Make It A Champion Day!

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