Hi brandon artisan president of champion strategies with our ongoing public speaking workshop teachers and new supervisors, new managers, people who want to speak in front of holiday crowds.

All this is encompassing public speaking, so we just want to give you some free content and, let’s get to it for today, when it comes to public speaking, whether you need to give a presentation at work or to executives deliver a eulogy at a funeral or one Day want to perform at a ted talk.
There are many situations where it can help you to be a great public speaker.

However, few people are naturally gifted public speakers and, as such, this is a skill you must hone in if you want to excel in both work and personal situations, while many people fear public speaking mastering it can take transformation to not only your career but improving your Future potential as a whole – and here are some reasons why i say that if you take an online public speaking course, you can get a lot of support, especially right now, with the covet situation.

There are organizations out there that will help you tremendously, but keep in mind.
There is a cost for that.
We give you the alternative where the information content, video is free and you take what you like, and this way you incorporate it, because the next thing that you must do is practice practice practice practice practice practice if you’ve ever seen any of my videos dealing with Public speaking, we need to practice outside of class in mirrors always taking the opportunity to just get in front of one person, two people, but you need to be speaking.

You’re testing your cords you’re testing, your diaphragm you’re testing, your eye contact, which is covering the room practice practice and make every word count.

If you have some words in the speech that you’ve written – and you really try to put some filler words in take – take them out, keep the speech smaller and more impactful to the group that you’re going to be speaking with uh.
There are people with times that in five minutes, they’re talking about 750 words uh all depends how your cadence all depends how your pace is going to go.

That 750 may turn into 900, or, let’s reverse it.
It may be less than that, but by knowing that every word counts by knowing that i’m going to practice by knowing that, if i want to be the best speaker that i want to be, i need to find a way to build in some practice time that, Ladies and gentlemen, is the biggest downfall of any human being trying to move further in a career.
How do i swing in more practice time and there’s different ways of doing it for different people, but every day we need to be sharpening our sword.

Abraham lincoln, one of our best presidents said, give me an hour to chop down a tree and i will take 50 minutes sharpening the axe practice practice and, as always in parting, you go .

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