Hi brian artisan president of champion strategies, and also giving you the opportunity for public speaking free of charge, and i’m just going to pick it up from where we left off yesterday or the last video when we were talking about public speaking impacting the automotive industry.

With our current presidential policy priorities now when it comes to trade, we know that one president trump has broken with the republican party’s past support for free trade, and he has implemented tariffs on other motherships, including blocking the world trade organization.

As you do know, biden and has a different signal giving out to the rest of the world, especially china and there’s been some things that have come up, which you will hear about later remember.
This is november 22nd of 2020.

Another thing with trade we have to watch out was the usmca: that’s an agreement between united states mexico, canada agreement.
If we look at how both presidents look at our neighboring countries in trade, you’ll see that one has a bigger reflection on the past than in the future as far as regulation, the fundamental differences between the two would be that regulatory policies under the current president would Continue to drop, giving businesses the opportunity for economic growth, whereas, if biden were to come in, we would have more regulations which would stymie the business and economic goals looking towards the future as we get prepared for the next president, the current administration has touted a safer, Affordable fuel, efficient regulations or safe you’ll be hearing about that.
If there is a second term by trump, we will continue to hear more about it once again.

If the other side gets in and biden, you won’t hear that much about safe, you’re, more about ev, clean energy, what we’re doing to get prepared and ready to move away from the fossil fuels? No matter how you look at it, evs are here.
California sets the tone right now, but by 2030 there are expected to be 500 000 ev charging units.

My thing is: that’s: 20.

What are we going to look at when it’s 2022? How many charging stations then from 2022 to 2030? Getting to that point? That might be a challenge for a lot of americans who are doing their everyday business once again, brandon artisan president champion strategies, as always in parting.
You make it a chance.

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