Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking, giving you the opportunity to see if you would like this industry, so i’m going to pick it up from the last vehicle we were talking about.

How can you lessen this anxiety or this fear when it comes to being in front of the room i wanted to? Let you know that someone had contacted me and said we need to spend more time on the teaching element, because teachers do a lot of it.
So we’re finishing up her uh email address and hopefully she’s getting something out of it.
So how can i overcome my fear of public speaking well? Fear of public speaking is common form of something called anxiety.

It can range from slight nervousness to being totally paralyzed and some people even panicking many people with this fear avoid public speaking situations altogether or they suffer through them with shaking hands in a quivering voice.
But with preparation and persistence you can overcome the fear, know your topic, the better you understand about what you’re going to be talking about makes the audience at ease.

Makes you well at ease, well get organized if you know when the date you’re going to speak.

Let’s start getting our research together, let’s start getting our content together, so you can put it in an outline form so it’ll flow for you.
We have to practice, we have to practice i’ll say it again.
We have to practice and then, on top of that practice again whether it’s video, whether it’s a mirror, whether it’s audio, whether it’s a fake audience of your friends and family members, you have to practice in order to get critiqued and from that critique we should know A lot better about what your presence on front of the room should be, there’s going to be other challenges and specific worries when you’re afraid of something you may over estimate the likelihood of bad things happening list.

Your specific worries then directly challenge them by identifying probabilities.
For each one of those things happening while you’re talking, we also need to realize to visualize success, no good competitive person that i know at any range from middle school going up.

If you want something bad enough, if you see yourself winning you visualize that catch you visualize that hit whatever you’re looking for you created, then, when you’re presenting guess what the audience is getting cure, you with no anxiety always do some deep breathing.

This can calm you down, take two or more deep, breaths slow you down before you get behind the podium before you start your speech and focus on your material, not the audience.

They may not notice that you’re nervous unless you bring the attention to yourself.

So if audience members do notice that you are nervous, they may root you and say i don’t know if i believe the content or the message that you were trying to convey to us with that and uh also don’t feel that a moment of silence, if you Lose your train of thought will throw you off.

You can use that hesitation that silence really as a way to get your thoughts together, but to get the audience to sink in.
To that main point, you had just talked about, while you’re trying to gather your thoughts for that next, one public speaking has a lot of moving parts, but as a teacher in front of the audience being your students most of the time or, if you’re with your Colleagues, or with parent or guardians all of those can be things you should be able to handle.
Now, if you were doing a presentation to a community, maybe a holiday event, or something that you’re advising and leading students yeah, that’s a different realm.

So that’s where public speaking needs to be really taken up to another level.
Hope that answers your question out there, but thank you for being with our babies, teaching them everything they can, because they are the future.
Once again, brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking as always in party you go out, make .

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