Hi brandon harness from president champion strategies, home of our public speaking workshop, giving you the best opportunity to be the best that you can for your teachers first time in front of the room for you new supervisors, you new managers.

Now your teams are looking at you for that ultimate push, so they can get to their goals and dreams, or maybe you just wanted to do some public speaking and you’re, going around the website to see what content what videos may be out there.

This is why we do it for you.
So, let’s look at public speaking in this light for today, by exploring some more ways to overcome the fear of public speaking.

First of all, get organized make sure all the information that you will be presenting in your speech, including many audio and visual aids, make sure that they are ready, if possible, visit the presentation venue before confirming and see how everything looks where the equipment’s going to be Set up where you’re going to be when you are organized and have all your thoughts and materials in a row and ready to go ahead on time, you can mentally relax more as you needn’t have to worry about that during the actual presentation.
Instead, you can focus on your efforts better on the main task at hand and that’s giving a very impactful speech.
Second, don’t memorize what you’re going to say in your lesson.

Your presentation word forward.
Doing so just makes you anxious.
It increases everything that you have because you’re worrying about missing something instead map it out on a full outline speech using only the eyebrow when rehearsing try not to be so rigid and interested.

Let your ideas flow, naturally, when making the connection between points in your outline that way, you’ll be able to deliver your speeches.
If you were talking to a friend for the actual speech condense your outline into small cards to keep in front of you and that way, you’ll stay on track.
Another thing realize that your audience probably isn’t disconnecting to your speech, along with every word, thought, nonverbal gesture that you make.

In fact, your audience are likely to be distracted by other interests, people in the audience, their cell phones right.
What they’re planning on doing after the event, especially if they are students? What your audience will remember is how you deliver your speech and the key points you make much more than the details and try taking it doesn’t matter approach when students make presentations, they have to worry about being judged on it and their performance and their affection to Their overall grades and to their friends who are watching them, thus their anxiety, often increases which affects the delivery of the performance.

However, most of the time, teachers are not grading per se when teaching a class or leading a workshop in a conference with their peers, and so we can, in theory, be more relaxed when it comes to the grading.

With this advantage, students can do a better job.
Learning and practicing the art of public speaking versus someone who’s being paid versus someone, who’s brought there to give some powerful information and some takeaway pieces big difference and then practice practice practice practice practice.
I say it all.

The time practice record your speech, video camera.
This way you can watch, hear see verbal non-verbal, but look at yourself, so you get a better idea of how you would like to command presence in front of the audience and finally do some light exercises before giving your speech exercises, get your body flowing with sins Oxygen to your brain when we exercise and the blood flow sends the oxygen to the brain.
The oxygen takes a short walk or does something to your body to naturally lower your anxiety now many things that we can talk about, but keeping these points in mind and remember public speaking, is something that can be learned and improved upon.

You need not be born with a great oratory voice or joining a local toastmasters club.

The key thing is how you learn to get better eventually, more comfortable brings more confidence, and if your confidence, the audience, will get the speech and you’ll get an opportunity to do more of them once again, brad and hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing public Speaking workshop, as always in party you go out and make a champion pay.

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