Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing public speaking workshop, we’re going to get into it because we’re at a second part where somebody asked about doing the best that they can on stage still feeling a little unsure of themselves as a professional educator.

So, moving on with what we were saying on the last video, you need to be yourself.
You’ve asked people that you knew who could use an opportunity for me to speak, so you did that for a reason.
So don’t feel like you need to present something that you’re not comfortable with people are not robots.

People want to see and hear you speak.
They want to watch your body movement.
They want to hear your story that explosion that take away peace – or maybe you even use humor or some emotion to get your point across they cannot do that if you’re not up there remember, each presenter is a lot different, their backgrounds how they use the audience Is going to be different, we want to see yours so watch yourself back, in other words, video yourself and at each point be very critical, whether it is a pause, whether there is a joke or whether you’re saying oz and owns and don’t you knows, and all Of these things, in this practice, form is good, but if you’re not watching yourself, not saying that somebody cannot tell you of their live audience.

But you take a video of yourself practicing your talk in front of an audience simulated or a mirror, and let you look for yourself at your movements, your hand waving whatever it may be.

Are there going to be nerves? Yes, they’re going to be nerves, but the more prepared you are, the more it will help.

Calm you down get to the venue early become familiar with the environment, check out the room, how you will be getting on stage off stage where you’re sitting, where you’re going to be standing, if the opportunity presents say hello to the host and the fellow panelists, whatever It may be take five minutes before you go on stage to ground yourself and take some deep breaths.

Also stay hydrated during this period be sure to bring water on stage.
It can also be used as a reminder to also pace yourself when you need to rethink about where you’re going to move next, take every opportunity to speak and not about diversity or whatever.
Your main point is about anything the more times you’re in front of a group of audience front of the room.

If you will you’re practicing you’re practicing and the only way to get better at anything, is to practice so speak in every opportunity that you can speak at share the details of any of your speaking engagements on your social media or professional sites.
You never know who will see it and invite you to speak and please enjoy it.
The audience has no idea what you’re going to say next and no matter what happens.

You’re always in control go with the flow, because people respond for the energy that you exude enjoy yourself use your vibes have some good fun and you’ll find out that someone will like your style and invite you to speak again now.
That’s where you know you’ve done something right that day, because somebody saw value in what you could bring to their company or organization or students or whatever it may be, with that once again, brad and hardison president champion strategies with our ongoing series of public speaking doing It just for you and as always in parting, remember you go out and you make it a chance.

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