Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking.

I had a young lady communicate to me asking uh.
Is it tougher really for women or minorities to speak in front of a group and have passion or do they need to hold it? In and just wanted to give her some ideas and tips based on what she told me remember, the audience is there to see you now.
What’s your topic content, what’s your explosion, what you want them to take away with still should be the same, no matter where your presentation is going, so i would start off by saying what is your style you have to define or find your style different formats, i.

e Speaking on a panel to deliver a talk will require different approaches, so the best advice that i can give you is find the right style that works for you sometimes reading.
A speech word for word is fine.
What’s essential to exchange with the audience, you can’t do that if your eyes are still down on your script, many people have tried this method and it made people lose the flow or mix up some words.

Now i believe winging it can be done with a lot of experience, because you have a lot of different content or situations you’ve been in, but if you’re delivering brand new content with a specific audience for that information that you’re going to deliver, i would suggest using Some cue cards still with some bullet points and no more than five words on it.
To help give you a nudge, if you get stuck in what you’re trying to present to that group, uh people who watched me from day one.
If you look at any video on the public speaking workshop practice practice practice practice practice, you have to take time to practice your speech, your presentation to learn and be comfortable with the content.

Once again, the audience is more comfortable with you when they know that you’re, more comfortable and confident explaining the content practicing will also help you make sure you iron out any kinks that may come up and they will come up.

It’s always better to keep under your time frame than go over always good to stay under people, love that the person that hired you to do the speech and, of course, the audience themselves now body language is always important.

Communication is much more than what we’re saying.

It includes your body, language, too, and, of course, what you’re saying is important, but your body can also emphasize this when it comes to your body language, if you’re able to i would recommend, smiling at the audience, it makes them feel better.
You can engage more face.
The audience and have eye contact focusing on specific faces and trying to capture the whole group always take some deep breaths.

So you can project your voice, stand or sit straight and roll your shoulders back.
Try not to fold your arms always ground or plant your fleet in the floor, and this way, if you’re standing you look strong and commanding and always remember slow down.
You know what you want to say: it takes time for the audience to break down what you’re saying, so they can really thoroughly understand this.

This sometimes everyone has to work on because we’re trying to get to the hit the explosion, the take-home piece that we want.
You to do there with that, but we still need to slow it down.
I am more aware, so i can consciously slow down at any point to have an impact on the audience in a meaningful way.

You want them to actually listen to what you’re saying slow it down put emphasis on the part where the explosion is going to happen.

This will also help steady, your breathing take pauses similar to slowing down, but don’t be afraid to pause.

You can use this time to collect your thoughts before delivering a point or asking a question.

It also allows the audience the opportunity to absorb what you just said and emotionally connect with you and the critical points that you’re trying to share now, there’s more to it.
I’ll cover that in the next video once again, brad and hardison president champion strategies on our ongoing public speaking workshop and as always in parting, you go out and make it a champion.

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