Hi brian artisan president of champion strategies – and we are continuing our public speaking workshop to hopefully help you in certain situations when you do run into it today.

I’d like to talk about some ways.
You can use everyday situations and still work on your craft as a public speaker leading telephone messages.
Don’t seem now days that it’s been working that well telephone tag is a new thing.

People go back forth, i would say slow down when you get someone on the phone or you’re leaving a message.

Slow down, do not speak fast when you’re leaving a message, especially if you’ve had an accident.

Most answering machines today allow enough time for a short message.

I can’t tell you the number of messages i get just like you when i cannot understand what the person is saying.

They may have a good product or service to show me, but they didn’t leave any contact information.
So pronouncing names are clearly state.

Your name slowly, especially if the name is not common, smither jones, also spell your name slowly.
In addition to your name, give your title, your company name, the reason you’re calling describe the person in a few short sentences and the purpose of your call, if appropriate, leave time that you called so this way we can have it stamped per se.
Let them know when to return the call leave a date preferred time.

Telephone number always sound professional.
Do not chew gum do not leave a long wounded message just be aware of your tone, and should the person you’re calling actually answer the phone, you can still use your notes.
It makes you sound more professional organized how about creating a voice message.

This is always challenging the best things i can say is this before you record write it down practice.
What you want to say before you do, it make sure you’re answering all machine calls, because we lose business when we’re down and no one jumps on it.
Early in the morning.

Remember they’re reaching out to you because they like something on your inventory, leave the caller clear instructions on what to do when leaving a message.

If you run a business like many of us, do your voicemail greeting is a great opportunity to plug your business.
Be careful information overload now all of the above information is good, but over my career teaching and coaching the high school college, students and even adults, if you don’t practice, nothing else, matters because you won’t gain the benefit of the knowledge that was given to you once Again, brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series of public speaking and as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion day.

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