Hi brandon harnesson president of champion strategies with our ongoing series public speaking today.

We want to continue on with what do great presenters.
Do that the good ones do not great speakers do not take shortcuts; in other words, they don’t wing it.
There are no shortcuts for preparing for your best talk or presentation, you own it to yourself and the audience to deliver your best presentation.

Your audience wants to feel special and feel that they care enough about them to deliver a presentation tailored specifically for the audience.
I have been speaking professionally for over 25 years and have delivered over 2700 programs to clients all over the united states and still put in as much effort in preparation for every program.
I provide i own every audience.

I speak to the best that i can, because it does help the people who come in to hear you.

The audience.
Also great speakers greet people before the presentation begins.

Do not feel so proud that you’re not willing to politely shake hands great people as they come in some speakers are so aloof and feel too important to even bother to casually speak with anyone from their audience before or even after the presentation.

I always try to arrive early make sure my setting and venue is all set up before anyone else is there, and this allows me to greet people as they arrive.

Great speakers have an approach and your audience will appreciate it.

Also, great speakers speak with energy passion on the topic.

Great speakers exhibit charisma and they engage the audience the right way right from the start: they’re, passionate, confident, enthusiastic and captivating, but also listen and watch a speaker who is dynamic, energetic and speaks with that passion.

When you are passionate and excited about your topic, your audience cannot help but also catch up.

If you engage your audience at the beginning, that’s even better and great speakers don’t say the ahs and the ooms or the other types of filler words when they speak.
They’ve learned to totally eliminate the use of filter words during the presentation.

Many good speakers still have a few, but great speakers have none.

When i was a young kid growing up, i used to have a severe stutter situation when it came to speaking with my friends.

Most of us, even professional speakers, use a lot of filler words and they do this because they’re trying to find out the next thing that they want to say, eliminate the filter.
Words and you’ll have a better presentation.

Remember a speaker or presenter who does not use filler words automatically sounds more professional.

If you truly want to be a great speaker, you need to work on all of these elements, so you can improve and when you improve, you have consistency and that’s what you want to do to become a great speaker once again, brandon hardison president champion strategies with Our ongoing series of public speaking and as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion day.

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