Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies and also doing a series on public speaking.

Why many of you out there? Congratulations are going to be in front of an audience for the first time, like our outstanding public educators, for those that will be going face to face with the babies back in middle school and high school.

Congratulations to you teach them well, they are the future of our nation.
Also, you new supervisors, your new managers that are going to be in front of your team members.

Thank you for your promotion, but remember your success depends on how you handle the human capital.
How do you get your workers to get the maximum, so you can reach your objectives whatever you need to be doing on a timeline for your organizations, it’s not about screaming it’s not about hollering when you bring them together in a group.
It’s about knowledge.

Please remember that, for those people that wanted to be a public speaker, then the coronavirus hit.
Now we have this new world in the box and, yes, everybody that you can think of who used to do the conventions and the conferences and the reunions and they’re trying to figure out this space.

So, yes, it is crowded in this space.

Will we ever get back to where we were stay positive but if not be prepared, and for those folks that thought about public speaking, because somebody said you always talk nice, but you wanted to see what the cost may be.
There are some outstanding organizations that will give you public speaking from cradle to grave two year four year.
You can be an expert with it, but it does come with the cost.

There are people that just speak on short parts of public speaking and you know a few of those companies, but keep in mind.

There is a cost or you may be one of those people that hey i just want to go.
Scurry the internet see what videos are out there pick up whatever content that i can, because i have the discipline to practice myself.

So whatever you’re reasoning, we here at champion strategies have been doing a series of workshops on public speaking, so we’re just going to continue dive into it.
So, let’s look at being prepared, so whatever your marketing has done, it’s paid off.
They want you to be in front of their team outstanding.

Are you prepared? We must look at being prepared in several important purposes and ways because by being prepared, it boosts your self-confidence and that’s what it takes when you’re in front of people they’re listening to you and what your content can they get something out of it so being prepared, Boosts your confidence, it reduces the changes if something goes wrong.

I know exactly where to pick up my next piece.
It creates an impression of you as a competent, diligent person, but it also makes it easier for you to give a polished, professional presentation.

It is often said that those who fail to prepare prepare to fail.
The reason for this is that only by preparing properly will you eliminate the obvious potential areas and when you have obvious potential areas anywhere in front of people, it can come from any source and it can turn around your excellent speech into a mess.
So we want to make sure that we’re prepared by taking the time to prepare you can go ahead with your presentation, get an impression of how it should go.

It will also allow you to take into consideration what difficulties may arise and have a strategy for dealing with each potential situation.
For example, some people can walk into a room hold the attention of the audience by speaking off the cuff.
After we say for a half hour hour or more now, these people are naturally gifted and they’re.

Quite rare.
Usually they make a living as stand-up comedians as comedy is one of the very few fields where the act of preparing a routine is not hamstrung, but the necessity of getting every fact right and every detail right is nailed down now.
This does not mean that delivering a presentation cannot be an enjoyable process, but in fact the right amount and the right kind of preparation can ensure that the preparation is enjoyable, informational and really useful.

Not only for you for your next speech, but for your audience, that’s out there every day.

So if you can check out the venue, please go see where you’re going to be speaking.
If it’s possible to do or can i go online and get a 360 or can i call that organization where i’m going to be speaking, and maybe your representative can do a quick videos, you can get an idea on the seating um the sight lines, if you Will some chairs may need to be moved differently, so you can prepare and keep that eye flow with that group? Are there going to be any type of av being used? Are you going to need a monitor? A powerpoint don’t know if projection is something that you’re looking for.

How is the lighting in the room? How’s, the accommodations, in other words, is there a podium where you can rest things on a place to place your handouts if you’re going to give them a takeaway piece, are these things being met and key things like where’s the restroom emergency exits? All of these things by going to a venue, helps you get prepared.
So when you’re in front of the room you act like you’ve been there before or the audience can see you that you have a good grasp of.
What’s going on a great deal of preparation.

Should ensure that things will go smoothly and that a great presentation needs to be matched by the quality of preparation, think think just a minute.
How does it feel when you have a written 30-minute presentation and a visual slideshow to go with it and then, when you got there, the projector didn’t work? What do you think is going to happen to part of that presentation? That’s why a dry run a practice is always important.

We want to be prepared to make sure things go right.

Will things still happen? Yes, but at least i’ve been there – and i know my next step is going to be it’s essential – that you take nothing for granted when seeking to deliver a great presentation, because it’s inevitable that something will happen and remember your job.
If you’re hired by a company is to get that person that hired you to look at that room, look at their team members see if they’re getting some golden flash points.
Some key nuggets that they can take away or position yourself for additional coaching or training opportunities with that organization or at least get a referral to someone else still in that vertical or outside that.

That’s why preparation is important.
We do this because we love it.
We do it because we enjoy it.

We do it because we do want to share our knowledge, but it needs to be on a professional level.
So if some of this makes sense – and i hope it does come back for another installment once again – brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series of public speaking until next time, as always in parting, you go out and make it a chat.

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