Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies for another session of public speaking just some ideas to give you for you, first-time teachers, getting ready to get back into the classroom.

I know you’re excited first time supervisor manager you’re a leader of your team members.
Maybe you wanted to get into public speaking big dollars, the big money convention money and then the coronavirus hits and that shuts you down, or maybe you just completed some type of small class and they said you had some talent, but you need to further it on A whole lot of great two for your institutions and focus in on just public speaking or there are some organizations that do it also or maybe you’re the type of person.

That says just give me the content.

Let me listen to it.
I can do enough discipline because of my practicing, so no matter what we’re on here, for you we’re doing a series on workshops.
So, let’s just unpack what we got for today and to get you going so we talked about the content.

Already we talked about the audience now, let’s look at something called credibility.
How can i establish credibility? It’s extremely important to be sure of your facts.

If you even make one incorrect statement, some people will doubt everything that you say now.

This is something that holds true, whether you are included in one of the highest courts in the land.

Um, a lawyer will much be more in demand if he or she can take one small inaccuracy in a witness statement and turn it into an advantage for her client or his client.
In terms of a presentation, the content, the stakes may not be as high, but all of the same is wise to make sure you have the authority behind what you’re telling people this begins with how you present yourself.

It is often said that you cannot judge a book by a covenant.
Well, the truth is that’s absolutely correct.

Some finds that really, if we look at people on appearances, we can come up with some type of suggestion about that person.

But if you want to keep your audience the people that are there to get your message, if you want to keep their attention on what you’re saying it is advisable to appear, business-like and efficient at all times, you should be very neatly dressed, should always at all Time know what you’re saying watch your words the words you use will create your success.

If this involves referring to flash cards on occasion um, there might be a better way to figure it out, but remember they’re watching you, your mannerisms, the whole nine yards and the information that you have may stick when they walk away or it’ll disappear from their mind.
So it’s also worth bearing in mind to keep in fact that the audience have not come to hold things in their head, that they already know they’re trying to leave some space there for some new information or maybe you’re, going to present something in a different angle.

To come to a conclusion, when you offer different conclusions by coming out in a different way, it’s also effective, but you know that they’re thinking so many times, here’s another person in front, then the presentation is going to be boring and they’re going to use a lot Of powerpoint always remember bites.
I said this before the bites are the key explosions of your presentation.

That’s what you can control your audience.

That’s what you can get them to hang on to that extra word or sentence that you’re going to be seeing doing.
This will appear to them as well.
Never thought about that, but it’s got to start with the reasoning.

It’s got to start with backing the facts up and the figures whatever you’re presenting.
Remember you did your research to the audience and they will be impressed by your level of research on that particular knowledge basis.

So know your statistics know the testimonials whatever you’re going to be using in that presentation.

It is factual.
Remember each person in the audience may have a different way of viewing it, but the more complete the presentation is, the more people you will convince unless uh we’re in a preaching situation and that’s a something for a different story.
So here’s what we need to know in a short window, if you’re using third-party sources for validation, make sure that there’s some type of citations you can back it up with.

You don’t have to give everything there now, but maybe you have a takeaway piece and it shows them where you got that additional resource from so it’s in your hands, the content, the flow, the body, what they’re going to go away with? After all, if everybody knows something a little bit different from your content that you came there to talk about they’re, going to walk away being a winner now that makes sense to you add something to it: do a little bit more research, but remember back it up With facts, that’s what the footnotes are are for.
If you need to do that, so brad and artisan president of champion strategies, as always in parting, you go out and make it a champion day.

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