Brandon artisan for uh american champion 365 also champions strategies here to talk about some public speaking because we would love to help out the new teachers.

The new supervisors are managers, the sales people who wanted to consider public speaking and maybe had some second thoughts.

Well, there’s some great places that you could pay for the information, good institutions, uh institutions, two years four years or just specializing in it or maybe you’re one of those folks who just want to look through video, fine content and you’re disciplined enough to do it yourself.
For whatever case we’re here ongoing speaker series, we’ve talked about the setup.

We’ve talked about getting organized yesterday or the last lesson we were talking about the content as far as the audience is concerned, so we just want to pick it up from there.

Audiences are often a little skeptical about the speaker’s message.

Why are they skeptical uh? They are skeptical because the speaker’s addressing sometimes a controversial issue nowadays leading up to the elections, there’s all kinds of issues that are being talked about and really it’s about.

Building credibility with the audience by using some sources, some information backing up your statement with other trusted authorities.

Uh, you need to think about your presentation as though it’s going to be written down on paper and distributed throughout the audience and the bosses throw away lines which you assume people just pass over.

That’s what they’re looking at often people make mistakes, believing that the more they say the better the speech is other feelings.

Is that really the shorter? We keep it the better.
It’s going to be there’s cases for both, but i would always err on the thought that someone’s paying you or, if you’re, in the classroom.
I only got so many minutes to work with these many youngsters in the class and if you have over 20 that you’re dealing with it’s tough to try to do it in a one-hour period.

Sometimes they give you less than an hour 50 minutes or so.
But there’s no point really right or wrong: just don’t leave out anything that you know that they can grab from it the stronger the content, the more memorable the speech will be.
So how can we identify some of these appropriate sources that maybe we want to use with our speech? Well, there’s all types of ways of researching and interjecting, and, for example, many people use popular online encyclopedia or wikipedia information for research, not a bad idea, but many times the site is filled with information.

That is not cross-referenced that well so just be cognizant of that.
But if it’s convenient you can research, it document it from another source, you’re you’re in pretty good game, but fairness also to using online information like a wikipedia can be very good because the research that is there is usually substantiated by backed up with other sources.
But no matter what your job when it comes to the content is to think about the audience out there and when you say something have something written down.

Remember it can be left left open to two sides of a debate and your job is to drive home a point that can help them in their activities as a business person every day, if you are the supervisor or leader or what takeaway piece can a student Or anybody watching listening to you get from it so think about strategies all the time dealing with audience.
If that makes sense to you, we’ll be back again for another edition of public speaking from champion strategies and as always in parting, go on out .

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