CHAMPION STRATEGIES – PUBLIC SPEAKING WORKSHOP – July 22, 2020 Classifying and Categorizing

I bred an artisan president champion strategies, but also glad to be a member of the shop smart, auto team, giving you the consumers the best information that we can so an aside for you to go, make that vehicle investment.

Remember still according to some statistics today.
This is going to be the largest purchase, you’re gon na make outside your home or condo, so with the tools that you have now, if you do your research and you’re really cognizant about the dealership in your area, even if it’s not in your area, if they Do have some type of digital arm where they can deliver the vehicle without showing up you’re still in a good shape and if they offer the same thing in service after the sale.
That’s even better.

But let’s unpack what we got for today and us to talk about it.
We were talking about organizations that are changing the future organizations that you’re going to see change because of this new normal.

It’s a new way of how you the consumer, want to buy.
So speaking of that, let’s talk about the Best Buy, don’t know if you remember that, but about seven years ago people thought the Best Buy would be destroyed by Best Buy CEO told attendees at an event summit that you know the numbers don’t lie.
If you just look at the numbers, but the brand has seen talking about Best Buy the pre hand is seen continuous increase in total revenues over the recent years.

So my thing is that we can deal with this and so what’s Best Buy secret according to their CEO get this now, the company always consistently matches the pricing of our Mazon.
They do it fast as Amazon and the delivery is free.

So if we can come up with some processes where we can compete with the big boys, even an organization like Best Buy says that hey with by adding some Coon consumer friendly inputs to it, it touchpoints will be in great shock and they were.

They did some dislocation and by digitizing some things it made Best Buy one of the greatest companies that are out there in that space, which saves a lot of time and frustration for customers.
If they can do everything online, they even transform their marketing using a heavy customer database and finding ways with analytics to target because analytics allowed them to do these things.
So now that they’re competing with Amazon and they’re still there and doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere from now, let’s bring it back to your dealership, gave you an example.

So why not find a dealership that you know that does the same thing: innovative, creative timing, making sure we do those extra little things to help out our guests.
So if we can find a dealership that is customer centric and they believe in making sure that we want to sell and service your vehicle and they haven’t to have something where you do not have to come in to the dealership.

But can do every aspect right online sure you may have to take some pictures or videos of your trade if you do have one but you’ll come up to an agreement with that sure financing may be difficult depending on the credit, score and other situations, but it Can be done all secured and you don’t step one inch across the threshold of a dealership if that’s what you’re? Looking for that’s? What makes you comfortable, please find a dealer group in your community that offers that if they do not offer that there’s groups outside of your market area around the country that have been doing this before the coronavirus, so they have it down, pat, not only just for Sales but sort of service also so find those dealerships out where they’re thinking about you, the consumer, because if we do not keep the consumer in the center of everything, that’s going on and get you to want to come back.

Get you to want to tell your friends or your family members, then that dealership, I would say it’s not gon na be around too long hope.
You got something out of this piece here, we’ll be back again with another installment for shop, smart autos, once again, Brandon Hardison president champion strategies.
It has always in parting, .

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