Hi private partisan president champion strategies with our ongoing series of public speaking this way you don’t have to spend any money if you see the value in what we offer free video and content.

Today, i’d like to talk about how to improve your public speaking skills when it comes to the delivery, so we look at this thing called public speaking.
Delivery is everything.
Even if you have a great voice and a good body language, your message will get lost if the audience can’t easily follow what you say so blower.

Some tips speak slowly, not for you, but it takes time for the public to hear what you say so nothing wrong with speaking slowly pause between ideas to make sure we don’t get filter words which we’ll talk about, but pausing puts emphasis on something you just said In your content, or it will start to tell the people something important coming up great public speakers often pause for two or three seconds or even longer filters.
We just touched on what are filter words um.
I you know like don’t you know those things are not professionals everyday talk, but you’re, presenting to a crowd, create articulately each and every time all of your words, a mumbling public speaker, does not get to the top of the list and, speaking of the audience how’s, Your audience related your relations to you being upfront.

Good public speakers are in tune with their audience.
Public speaking is more than just standing in front of the crowd or the group, and talking you also need to engage your audience acknowledge your audience as soon as you take the stage.

This holds them in a real person frame of mind grab their attention immediately.

When you speak, you have about 60 seconds to capture the audience attention.
What is your bang for that? First, 60 seconds find a friendly phrase and when you find a friendly face friend on the left friend and the sitter friend on the right, this way as you’re panning the room, you have someone that you’ve made eye contact to and many times people when they see You look that area.
They do think that you’re talking about them, here’s the biggest thing fear of public speaking is common.

So don’t let that get you down now developing new speaking skills is up to you.
You have to determine what you want to do.
Sure there’ll be anxieties, there’ll be ups and downs, but do you really want to do this? I do know improving your public speaking.

Skills is helpful, knocks down the anxiety, gives you more confidence, but the thing about it.
You drive it and what’s the best way to drive it with practice practice practice once again, brandon hardison president champion strategies with our ongoing series of public speaking and as always in party you go out and you make it a champion.

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