Hi brandon hardison president champion strategies with our ongoing series of public speaking.

Let’s get to it, i got an email and the main gist of the email was.

How can i overcome my fear of public speaking? Nothing wrong happens all the time even to the most seasoned veteran, but fear of public speaking is a common form of anxiety.
It can range from slight nervousness to paralyzing fear, and maybe panic.

Many people with this fear avoid public speaking situations altogether or they suffer through them, while shaking and quivering with their voice with their body language.
But with preparation and persistence you can overcome that fear.
One is know your topic, the better.

You understand what you’re talking about and the more you care about the topic, the less likely you’ll make a mistake to get off track.

How about getting organized ahead of time carefully plan out the information you want to present include all props audio visual aids when you’re organized you’re ahead of the game that will eliminate last-minute surprises practice practice practice practice practice practice practice i’ll leave that alone.

How about challenging specific worries when you’re afraid of something you may over estimate the likelihood of a bad thing or things happening to you when you’re up there visualize your success? Imagine that your presentation will go well positive thoughts can help decrease.

Some of your anxiety do some deep breathing.
This can be very calming take about two or more deep breaths before you get in front of the podium and start your speech focus on your material, not on the audience.
The material people mainly pay attention to the new information, the content that you’re presenting to them and don’t fear if there’s silence in the room, if there’s silence in the room and you’re doing a pause for effect.

To give you something to bridge over.
To your next point, nothing wrong with that.
Also, pat yourself on the back, recognize your success after your speech, your presentation give yourself a more critical idea of how you did with the audience you see if any of your specific worries actually occurred.

Why it didn’t show up.
Everyone makes mistakes in this case.
You’ve found a way to work through it.

Uh get support if you’re, having really troubles with it, join the support group uh like toastmasters and there’s others out there that can help you get over that anxiety.

As other opinions you probably can get from a doctor, if you have anxiety, they may be able to prescribe something medicationally wise before you, public speak, but nervousness or anxiety is a certain situation.

That’s normal for public speakers, but by being prepared knowing your performance, knowing exactly what you’re going to say, having all of the practice done, you’ll be stronger in the saddle and you’ll look more professional as you do it once again: brad and hardison president champion strategies with Our ongoing series of public speaking to help you out so as always in parting, you go out and you make it the champion day.

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