Hi branded artisan president of champion strategies with our ongoing series of public speaking public speaking for educators, is at the top of the list of things that people from a young age getting older will fear.

In fact, it’s the third least likely thing that people fear and hope that they don’t get a part of in their lifetimes speaking in front of a large audience.

Well, why would they feel that as human beings, two things one we can identify for your public speaking admitted to maybe visions of doing something that would bring on embarrassment.

The second thing is forgetting what you’re talking about and staying on.

That course that’s where anxiety comes in, so while this fear of anxiety is normal, it helps to keep us on our toes based on how anxiety helps us survive all of these generations, providing opportunities for our students to learn and handle this fear of anxiety at a Young age through public speaking, can seem counterintuitive to some, but if it’s done right, gradual, safe exposure, it will help out as they get older.
So what we’re done is put together for you, especially in the elementary and the middle schools.

Some type of lesson plan that you can tweak or take think about, and it provides an opportunity to apply stress, reducing skills to our youngsters.

Now the outcome is pretty awkward to provide students with strategies and knowledge to help them regulate their breathing, calm their nerves when they speak publicly in front of groups of people and getting students to connect with their bodies and understand the influence that anxieties have on their Performance and their body functions so some of the materials, if you can be mindful of recording, if you can also have this done at a higher level, where it’s videoed and recorded you’re in better shape.
What we expect to gain from this is getting over the sphere.

So in the lesson plan we’re going to look at active learning, we’re going to ask students what the number one fear is and we know what we’re going to get public speaking.

Other topics may come in like heights and spiders, but public speaking invite students to create a large circle of chairs in the middle of the room.

Take a seat, introduce the lesson as a useful skill to help in the preparation of their speeches.

This lesson will start with the learning breathing exercise and then with smaller groups, practice and provide peer-to-peer feedback.

What we want to do is get them prepared for this public speaking now, we will talk more about this on the next video.
So once again, brandon artisan president champion strategy and it’s always imparting you go out.

You make it a champion day.

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