Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series of public speaking today.

We would like to look at performance anxieties.

Are you having those when you hear or you try to attempt to speak being able to speak with confidence in front of the camera and set aside your performance anxiety? It isn’t something that comes naturally to most people.

Even the most experienced speakers can feel nervous in front of the camera.

So what is it about the lens that makes people so comfortable whenever you get around people and they have this ball? Looking back at them with the red light, it does something whatever the reason video is quickly becoming a key communication vehicle.
You need to overcome your performance, anxiety and learn to speak well on camera with confidence, if you want to succeed in today’s video-dominated world.
So with that said, here’s a couple things that maybe you need to think of get comfortable before speaking on camera.

Any good public speaker will tell you that performance anxiety is worse if you’re physically uncomfortable – and that includes the clothing you choose.
If you want to be comfortable in front of the camera, choose clothing that not only makes you feel good about yourself, but also feels comfortable to wear.

The last thing you need is to be worrying about feeling constricted by pants that are too tight or that the person watching you can see your sweat stains if possible.

Try to schedule your video meeting or video shoots for a time of day when you feel at your best, if you’re a morning person that means shooting early in the day, if you’re shooting a video give yourself plenty of time.

Nothing will make.
You look stressed on camera more than feeling like you’re under the gun.

Give yourself more time then proceed other things.
You can do to help yourself more comfortable around you before that.

Cummer camera comes up how about staying, hydrated speaking about topics you’re passionate about knowing the script and limiting the number of distractions that are around you.

We can also talk about breathing and relaxing to reduce this performance anxiety, which is easier said than done for a lot of people, but it’ll still get easier with practice.

So try this right before speaking on camera do something that helps you relax and feel comfortable.

This could be yoga reading a book or listening to music when you take some time before you speak on camera to compose yourself and calm.

Your breathing you’ll find your peer, more natural and relaxed on camera and, most importantly, you don’t have to hold your breath.

Learning proper breathing will also make it easier to pace your speaking.

A casual and conversational tone is appropriate for your videos and, unfortunately, that’s not the way the people speak in everyday conversations, which tends to be much faster when you’re speaking on camera deliberately slow.

Your speech down to enunciate and make your words clear to your listeners, slowing your speech down, will also lessen the chance of stumbling over your words.
Stuttering studies also suggest that only seven percent of our judgment is based on verbal communication, which means body language and non-verbal.

Communication plays a huge role in speaking on camera, so when you’re suffering from performance anxiety focus on good body language, i know it can be difficult, but if you can take some of these tips and practice like i always talk about you’ll – be amazed of what you Can accomplish once again brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking and as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion day.

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