Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series of public speaking, no matter what reason you want or you’re already in this realm, but we try to give you free information, free content, free videos, if there’s something that you like out of there and you Can take it and incorporate it for your success, we’re happy! That’s why we put it up.

So let’s talk about our babies, in other words, public speaking, should we be introducing public speaking to our elementary school children? If so, should it be the kidney gardeners up to the fifth or sixth graders, or is it just the upper class, the fifth and sixth graders, or do we slowly at each grade add more into their plate, so they feel comfortable even from kidney garden.
To first grade standing in front of the room and giving a speech, so that’s what we want to talk about.
So as a former educator, let’s look at the elementary babies and, let’s think about breaking them into groups.

Younger children fare better in small groups.
When the attention is limited, rather than getting up in front of entire class by breaking them into groups, you could have them present to only one person at a time gradually increasing the size of their audience to create an atmosphere that is less and less scary.

To a little youngster, how about props babies love to see things different, colors, all types of shapes moving, so why don’t you think of a problem as practice? Allow your younger child to make use of props to help support the presentation and set them at ease.

An important speech is helped along when the child has a familiar object to refer to, as in a show and tell matter if they run out of things to say, you could use the time to teach the other children.

That speeches should have a beginning, a middle and an end.

The basic concept is very important, but we need to get teachers comfortable doing it, because when you do and familiarize your youngster with the proper structure of a speech, you naturally help boost their confidence and focus and eventually they will be able to hold enough to retain And give a good dialogue back to another human being paying attention.

I say this all the time when practicing for a speech always give your child your full attention, even if you’ve heard it a thousand times already.
Let them know that making eye contact, encourages them, showing them positive body language like nodding and smiling, trying to avoid distractions from the other students, and this will encourage your child to maintain eye contact with you.
During the reading of the speech and my favorite word practice practice practice practice practice.

I was talking to the school principal at an elementary school and he also believed by his study and research that, when you present little ones with information that can help them go to another level, we need to give it to them in bits and pieces.
So the children can know how to practice and be successful, so we encourage them to watch some of the greatest speeches ever recorded and then create an opportunity for them to deliver some of their own.

Now it’s up to you, teacher parent and guardians, getting them to understand, choosing the right topic, because, as adults we know that the audience is coming in.

We need to be prepared to give the right speech to that particular audience.

We’re doing the same thing with our babies right up front when your child is old enough, encourage them to choose their own topics to speak about during a practice session.
Topics that are a personal interest are always good narrating.

A memory of a special event that happened in their lives is a favorite for them.
Using toys activities can be a great topic, but i’m trying to get you to understand is to use this opportunity to work on developing and captivating how you present using other delivery methods.

So the audience will stay with you and may want to do something with you later get them to research and structure.

Your child is ready to pin their own speech work out, a template that will make it easier for them to work and exactly what to say on it.

The template can include things like a topic: the duration of the speech, the purpose of the speech, the type of audience that they will be addressing when demonstrating the purpose of speech, take into consideration.
The final desired outcome is encouraging our babies, your child, to do proper research when they do proper research into the topic by making use of everything that’s around them.

We know that they’re on their way to success and understanding the basics and the power of being a public speaker once again, brad and artisan president champion strategy and our ongoing series of public speaking.

So if you got something out of today’s come back tomorrow, we’ll have a different topic to talk about.
In the meantime, as always in parting, you go out and you make it .

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