Hi brandon artisan president of champion strategies with our ongoing public workshop series and to save time what i’m going to do is pick it up from the last vehicle we’re talking about how to speak with confidence in public.

How about identifying and challenging your excuses? That’s right! What’s keeping people from being successful as public speakers, no matter whether you’re trying to make money you happen to be a teacher, you have to be a new supervisor or manager.
You got challenges, write them down the thoughts when you have it, come to your brain, write.
It down because you’re going to start thinking of other things, but these thoughts will identify what you’re, specifically afraid of such as worrying that the audience your employees will judge you as incompetent.

This negative, inter dialogue, reduces your confidence and makes you think that you can’t speak in public challenge.
These thoughts be looking at evidence of how you can do better and start practicing how about focusing on your message, in other words, when you’re presenting focus on what you’re going to say and why this message needs to be delivered to this particular audience.

This will keep you connected with your speech and will prevent you from being distracted for an example by an audience member falling asleep, or your evaluation presentation is going on instead be connected to the listeners who are finding your presentation valuable one way to do.

It is to pan the room, you’re, always looking at the room to see if they’re engaged or, if they’re not engaged.
Naturally, we want them to be engaged how about creating a stage persona.

Now, if that’s a little bit different to you a stage persona, all we’re saying is that it can be tempting to emulate other favorite public entities or entertainers, but they’re, not you and you’re, not them.

The audience came to hear your message.
Your content not trying to be a knockoff of someone else, so i would think what are my best characteristics as a speaker.

Am i empathetic humorous and stick with that? What are the features as a speaker? Do you gesture a lot? Am i electric very energetic or do i then stick to the script and move forward? You need to find out who you are so, if you are humorous, there’s nothing wrong with humor, but you need to be careful sometimes about some of the jokes that you come up with, because someone in that audience i guarantee you you’re going to be talking about One of their personal situations that they’re not that happy about and you cause them to defect away from you, and they may also tell other people that you’re, not as professional as you want to be so be prepared for everything.

Even mistakes.
Mistakes will happen from time to time even to the most seasoned public speaker, but having a backup plan will always make it go seamless, but you have to think about it rehearse it practice, implement it.
How about recognizing the positives after delivering a presentation? It’s typical for some people only to focus on the negatives of the presentation.

Let’s flip it.
What things did i do right on this? One that i didn’t do good on the one before when we do these things, each and every time, because we practice the guests, the content.
Everything will improve once again: brandon hardison president champion strategies and giving you a little of our public free workshop content is free.

Video is free.
I hope it helps somebody out today and as always in parting, you go out.
You make it a champion.

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