Hi brandon artisan president of champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking today like to talk to you about some basic minimums of how to speak with confidence in public, because you should know that an estimated 75 000 of adults suffer from the fear of public.

Speaking when stress and hormones are released, we have different behaviors about it.

Like the frequency, our minds go blank our voices become harder to control.
We may visibly shake in front of the audience.

Each professional public speaker has to deal with nerves when they come to.
This point we call public speaking, so we just want to look at some things that will give you more confidence when you’re public speaking whether you’re presenting to a small group large group, your preparation, organizational skills first, must be rudest, so be prepared and organized for your Presentation, because when you do this, it increases your control unless things will go wrong, for example, visit the venue in the room, if you can do that, ensure your print and power points need to be updated.
Do you have any credit cards to use as cues? Maybe technical faults, let’s check in at the powerpoint, see if all the slides work arrive early for your speech and that keyword that i’ve been saying we have to practice.

We do this because of positive mental imagery, visual deliveries in your presentation confidently successfully, as this will reinforce your confidence once you reinforce your confidence, then we can begin to imagine being there using all of your senses to form this imagery.
If you find that your visualizations are negative, then challenge these scenarios by drawing on previous experiments.
Experiences of successful communication, always substitute the negative imagery with realistic imagery being nervous, is one of the things of the game.

So please don’t worry about it.
Remember that you haven’t been invited to present or speak for the purpose of being ridiculed.
The audience wants to hear you speak so plan for managing your nerves by avoiding too much caffeine or preparing music or podcasts that you can listen to find a mindfulness exercise.

You feel comfortable doing as you’re heading to the venue.
Master controlled, breathing beforehand will also help, and if you have the time, engage in exercising beforehand because exercising reduces you so you’re calmer and clearer on stage and also recognize that it’s unlikely that the audience will know.

You’re feeling nervous, unless you tell and show them pausing doing a presentation if you notice that you’re speaking too quickly, then pause step back, take a deep breath that works for a lot of people, because your adrenaline is pumping you’re talking so fast and most people won’t Understand, if you continue to speak at that rate, slow it down pause, pausing will also help you avoid filter words such as um, and you know all of these things.

We’re trying to get into to understand this morning are important, but this whole series is important.
So on the next video we’ll talk about more once again, brandon hardison president champion strategy with our ongoing public workshop information, just for you.
So if you got something out of it outstanding we’ll be back talking about the next part of this same subject.

How to be effective as a public speaker and as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion.

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