Hi brandon artisan president of champion strategies with our ongoing series of public speaking, because you want to be the best you can be in the field.

Someone told you that you can speak well.
Why not be a front of the room speaker, maybe you’re, in a position of control or power by being a supervisor or a manager of team members, or maybe you just would like to get your content out or some videos out either way.

There’s some great institutions that you can go to and get formal training, but there’s a cost, even there’s organizations that just specify just on public speaking, but there’s a cost.

We came up with a way to give you content and a video, because if you know that practice is king, you can take the rest.
So looking at public speaking today, i would like to take a slither out of that.
That most of you probably know, is poetry.

We call it.
The spoken word spoken.
Word refers to an oral poetic performance, art that is based mainly on the poetic, as well as the performers, enthusiasm, qualities.

It’s a continuation of the ancient oral tradition that started in the late 20th century and focuses on reciting word playing such as the performers live, intonation and voice.
Inflection spoken word is a catch-all term that includes any kind of poetry recited aloud, including poetry, reading poetry, slams, jazz poetry and even involved with hip-hop music.
You can also include comedy, but, unlike written poetry, the poetic text takes its quality less from the visual aesthetics of the page, but depends more on that individual to make that poem come alive to you.

The audience spoken word has existed for many years long before writing.
Through a cycle of practicing listening memorization, each language drew on its own resource of sound structure, and with that there were poets who came to give the oral word to the people, some with laughter some with humans, some always with a message.

Poetry, like musicians appear to the ears to be very effective, soothing common.

If you speak it and it hits home, you can have tearjerkers happening with the people who read or go to a performance.
The oral tradition is one that’s conveyed primarily by speech, as opposed to writing.
Always remember that now, when we come to performance in front of a group or on a zoom performance, poetry which is really kinder to performance, art is just what it says.

We are there to entertain through the line of poetry if we can find a way, no matter what country, what culture to get more people to read and like poetry, now their creative talents can kick in to do all type of poetic things.

Individual group theater performances local oral artists, whatever it may be, we’re getting that spoken word out, so you the public can enjoy now.
Can it include some other things like gyros from africa or historians, telling a story through poetry? Yes, even in ancient greece.

The spoken word was the most trusted resource for the people it made them think it made them.
Look at things, perspectively different, whether it was economic or dealing with politics.

The ancient greeks included greek lyric, which is similar to the spoken word, poetry, even in the olympic games.

So if you have some poetic talent behind you, you’re still public speaking in front of an audience or on zoom we’re waiting to hear your interpretation of whatever the subject matter or content will be once again.
Brian hardison president champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking and as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion day.

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