Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking.

We do this for all of the people out there who are a little tight on money, but would love to be in front of the big room or hosting the big zoom conference.
We give you free information and free content, so just piggybacking from what we were talking about yesterday, how to be a better public speaker.
We need to round ourself out, and one of the topics we need to do is read ourselves when you have to read.

Think about people in front of groups looking down reading something if reading is an absolute necessity.

Here are some suggestions, pay attention to the inflection in your voice to sound natural rehearsed, often check yourself for pauses when preparing your written speech say the words out loud.
You do that first in order that you can look at the written text and see how close or how far off you are, do not write the same way as they speak.

People don’t do that so find out where you’re at let’s get the numbers and they will target themselves another one of the biggest problems speakers face when reading text straight from a piece of paper to an audience.

Is that gestures? We don’t want to take the audience out in a double-spaced forum.
What is the reason for the gesture is a pregnant pause, because you want them to think about it.

You with your non-verbal, need to communicate this.

Why you’re not looking at them your readings they’re, trying to read you afar and trying to pick up the exact meaning of what you need, so we need to practice using a way that our thought will keep it above, so we can cover the room.

Now i work with a whole lot of individuals in front of the room, like ministers and they’re, a very, very beautiful bunch with them.

I found out videotape because they wouldn’t trust what i would say.
So, let’s videotape it now, you can see for yourself you’re non-verbal, along with your verbal you’re, looking down versus looking at the audience, not covering the room.

You have to find ways to get people to know the truth and the best way that i have found out in all situations.

Even yesterday, working with a group of managers, videotape is the equalizer.
They can see themselves do or not do what they should be doing.
What you and the audience expect? So if we find ways of doing the right thing and this time it was about speech, we can get ahead once again right at heart and president champion strategy and letting you know that our free public workshop series has been ongoing and it’s been a pleasure doing.

It for you once again until next time you go out and make it a champion day.

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