Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series of public speaking.

We want to talk to you today about some of the biggest pitfalls that people in front of the room.

Public speakers usually have and just wanted to shake up your head this morning.
Um some people have used note cards, including quotes statistics and lists.

You may need not paragraphs or text very important.
With the note cards number your note cards just in case you drop them now, don’t push too much information on each note card or you’ll, find yourself reading too much put only a few words or key phrases: leave your notes at the lecture room or table and Move away, occasionally, don’t be afraid to move away from your notes and get out of your comfort zone too many speakers use the lecturing to hide behind and this restricts the effectiveness of the audience.
Looking at your body language, we also need to practice using the note cards.

If you find yourself reading your note cards too much, this is a sure clue.
You need to reduce the amount of written text on each card.
Remember all you need are short phrases, keywords and not to jog your memory, use pictures or picture maps to guide yourself pictures helps you to visualize the key points of your speech using mental pictures as well to tell a story in your head.

This will take some creativity but it’ll be well worth the effort use visual aids.
Now i know people when it comes to visual aids hamper on it, but simple, visual aids can effectively serve as headings or subheadings.

Speaking to the headings say what you want to say and move on.

If you forget something, that’s okay, the audience will never know unless you tell them practice, creating just a few meaningful headings and to use and to practice this way, you’ll know exactly where your changeover points should be.

This will take practice but practice using only these words will force you to internalize your speech better.
Now you don’t have to worry about what your next statement is going to be.

Your visual aid provides you with clues and on your next major idea of thought.

Use that all you need to do between ideas is to use an effective transmittable statement.

Having only a few key words on your visual cards allows you to move around the room without the need to feel, and you have to go back to your notes.

In fact, most inexperienced speakers don’t move around at all movement also helps you to relax and adds energy to your presentation.
Movement also allows the listeners to follow you and pay closer attention to your message plan your movements during your rehearsal decide where, in your presentation, where it makes the bass sense to move.
If you find yourself starting to sway from side to side now, we need to know we need to take a couple of steps back start all over again evenly with both feet, keep your weight evenly distributed on both feet and why this will help you keep you From swaying you have good eye contact with the audience.

You can look at your audience all the time when you’re speaking, except for the brief moments, you look to the visual aid, but that’s okay, since the audience will probably be following you and they understand the flow that you’re working through your audience will feel more comfortable Than you on a planned track, well-designed visual aid shows the audience that you do have a plan and have properly prepared that plan keep in mind your visual aids do not have to be only in word charts.
They can contain diagrams pictures, even graphs when you use visual aids, always introduce the visual aid before you slow it down using one of your transition statements, you can even use the word looking back looking forward now that we have a sense of that now.

Look at regardless of what method you choose remember your material is nothing without you getting properly prepared through preparation and practice.

So with that said, remember practice prepare practice, prepare practice, prepare and you’ll get there once again.

Brandon hardison president champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking always in parting.
Please remember you go out and you make it .

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