Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking.

I know that you’ve heard many times for your parent guardian teachers.
We need to increase our vocabulary.

There are multiple different reasons as to why you should want to improve and increase your vocabulary.

Not to only feel good about yourself, as you will have a larger command of your language, but it makes you smarter.
Countless studies and researches have shown that by simply improving your vocabulary can also increase your iq.

On top of this, there are many particular benefits that will be gained by you.

If you improve your vocabulary, the best benefit from improving your vocabulary includes being able to communicate your ideas to people more effectively.

Although many think games are harmful, the fact is actually, rather, the opposite games not only improve your cognitive skill, but can also improve your vocabulary.

There are games specifically designed to improve your memory.

Just are there games like the casino period table inside this casino periodic table which can be used to enhance your vocabulary as well as extend your knowledge world games, especially challenge you and enable you to discover new words and meanings which expand your vocabulary? If you really want to challenge yourself to increase your vocabulary, then try reading a book on philosophy or even a book from the classic literature section.

These types of books will really push your vocabulary forward.
The more material you read you get to discover new words use a combination of attempting to derive the meaning from these contents of words, and it will also make it easier for you to have no problem researching when it comes to dictionaries and other types of well-deserved.

Informations of raw knowledge, but by having access to these things, whether it be paper or hardback or even online, you can look up the meaning of a word in that dictionary then go to and find similar words and phrases that will increase your vocabulary.

It has also been reported that many famous artists have spent hours reading a dictionary in order to remember many different words as possible to expand their vocabulary and also to enhance them in their songwriting.

Speaking of writing, why not create a journal short stories reading and writing.

Go hand in hand with one another and the more you write, the better you’ll become and the more words you also use so practice new words.
It is noted that it can actually take between 10 and 20 repetitions to make a new word part of your vocabulary, which writing will help.
Do this to also help these new words stay in your mind, try writing them down, use it in a conversation or anything that you can think to include it in every day life.

By doing this, you also create better public speaker once again: brandon harkinson president champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking and as always in party you go out and you make it a champion.

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