Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking today.

We want to talk about or drop a seed in your head.

How about? If someone were coming to you and saying that we know you’re good and we’ve been taking advantage of you for free, but how about being paid many speaking bureaus will not hire you until they have seen or heard you speak.

They may hire you if someone they know refers, you and typically will still ask for a demo tape or audition or some type of tape that they can view you.

Whatever the situation is, you should try to contact the lead speaking bureau yourself and let them know that you will be speaking at a particular area or online after getting permission from the client who hired you.
I often tell the speakers bureau opportunity to come and hear me speak or send them the recorded zoom that you were on when you do speak to any organization.

Bring plenty of business cards.

Have your name address telephone number, all on your handout materials also includes your web address an email address as well.
It still amazes me that people who have attended keynotes, i have delivered over the past decade, also contact me because they saved my handouts from the previous one.

I’ve had people come to me on successions of copies of the handout and wanted me to resign them again.

Speaking to associates is a key part of marketing efforts.
Let me explain by you doing an extra mile, another 25 in keynote speaking terms, meaning that i’m going to take these educational seminars very seriously.
I’m going to add a little bit more to what i do than most people that are only out there doing it by doing this, what you do has set yourself up for an additional year, hopefully with that organization, because you did your marketing a little bit differently Was ready to move on from there? Not all speakers can provide in-house seminars and also provide keynote speaking.

The speaking skill involves really delivering a keynate note keynote note on the same time as the skills are required on the hand now workshops.
There is nothing more to say if you are doing both, but if you’re not gives you something to think about once again, brad and hardison president champion strategies with our ongoing public speaking seminar and as always in party you go out and you make it a chance.

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