Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing public speaking series.

So we’re going to start off by asking you a question: how can you go from speaking from free to a fee? Many people often ask me what it takes to get people to pay you to speak before an organization is willing to pay a speaker.
They need to fill in these question values in their head and keep in mind.

Speaking for a fee does not mean that you do not offer some type of value.

The goal of speaking before a group should not always be motivated by money.
I can remember situations back in my career when i would love one to pay for the opportunity to speak to a group.
One thing that always occurred when you were speaking before a group, whether you’re paid or not, is that you’re making impressions to everyone in that group they can mean more people will hear you and talk about you.

So when they refer you, you know why now their organizations like rotary, elks, moose chamber conference, they have speakers all the time.
Several non-profit organizations and associations have meetings every month and they offer have trouble.
Looking for speakers contact all of your local associations and introduce yourself many of the members there are associated with other businesses in that community and have the ability and authority to hire speakers within their organization.

Now the speaker and i i have to identify the word business.
It’s a heavily reform-based business.
Most people prefer to have a friend or a colleague refer a speaker to them than have to actually hear one.

This is more people that need to hear and be familiar with, you and your abilities to speak to a large crowd.
Most audiences have people who do have the ability to hire, know someone who can and i can be honest, trace, paid speakings versus the free to see what value between the two were out there.
Often many of these organizations did not have budgets for their speakers can offer an in-kind service instead of an actual fee.

For example, i have spoken to an organization that did not have a budget for me to speak, but i did get some resources.
People equipment to professionally videotape the presentation in the end they provided me with an original recording, along with several copies of the video the presentation had i hired someone else.

I would have missed out on that opportunity and we’ll pick it up more with the next vehicle.

Once again, brandon hardison president champion strategy is as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion.

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