I write at artisan president champion strategies with our ongoing series of public speaking public speaking is at the top of the list of things that people fear.

In fact, a third of the population is estimated to experience some type of excessive fear when speaking in front of a large audience, so we’re picking up from the previous vehicle when we’re talking about a lesson plan.

So picking up on the lesson plan, we want to teach and learn activities with the students, so explain that, on the way in managing anxiety or fears like public speaking is not to focus on something that they can control it’s something that is close to their heart And that’s their breathing, that’s what they want to control breathing exercises will help them become more aware of the bodies and focusing in on breathing will draw the attention to a rhythmic pattern that will put them in ease and make them feel more comfortable.

Remind the students in the classroom to be respectful self environment for trying new things so no need, because you’re going to be in that spot.

So, let’s be cordial.
This exercise may be new or different to some, while it’s okay to feel silly or you’re doing it.
Don’t let reactions or behaviors get in the way of others use the appropriate script, follow a guide, breathing exercise that lasts between three to five minutes.

The teacher should also participate unless reading the script and does not need to observe the students debrief.
The students asked: how did that feel? Do you feel any different than what we did before the exercise? Was it weird natural hard or maybe it was helpful if using write down the names of the app on the board or provide other suggestions or places where students can go to get similar, guided breathing exercises now, while they’re still in a circle transition to participating their Speeches to provide each student with three copies of a peer feeding handbook now, with this peer feeding handout, give them the instructions to complete the columns when they listen to another speech.

Success are meant to describe aspects of their speech.

Delivery that went well.
Suggestions is meant to give advice, suggestions for improvement or either the delivery or writing of the speech.
Explain that this test is not meant to put down the speaker to put them down, but we’re trying to encourage them and lift them up.

As a group number, the students off one through four, these four will stay in this group, and the remainder of the class makes sure that everyone has at least three feedback forms groups should find a quiet space in the hallway or outside, where they can practice.

The teacher can monitor and circulate visiting each group, at least once during the session and make sure everybody is on track.

With 10 minutes left in the class gathered the students back in the classroom.

All speakers should have their feedback forms filled out and for homework.
They should make any changes to their speeches and continue to practice out loud in front of the audience now for some follow-up activities before in class speech, delivery.
Repeat the guided breathing exercise, you don’t have to do this the same manner, but we want to make sure that students understand at a young age that breathing is very important when it comes to delivering their speech once again, brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our Ongoing series on public speaking and as always imparting you go out and you make it a champion day.

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