Hi brandon artisan president of champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking.

You were told that you have a great voice.
You should be a public speaker or maybe you’re in a position now as supervisor or manager or with our babies in the educational world.

We all need to be better public speakers, so we can pay for it and there’s a lot of great organizations out there or you can do what we’ve been offering to you free content or free videos, because you understand the importance of practicing.

So we are at the end of this year december, the 31st of 2020.
So let’s look at how we can be better public speakers in 2021.
You know the covet 19 pandemic has not only been difficult from a health perspective, but it is also really challenging financially for those whose careers largely depend on in-person interaction like public speakers, but that doesn’t mean you have to just wait around with no income until conferences And other events can resume again.

Public speakers can survive this crisis by focusing on digital opportunities in the short term and look for long term in the future opportunities.
So for 2021, my suggestion, books and events – i know many conferences has been cancelled over the next few months and we don’t know what 2021 is going to look like, but plenty of events are still scheduled for 2021.
, be proactive and hit up every conference organizer.

You think could be a potential fit for what you do, even if that means going outside your main industries.
Many public speakers have valuable lessons to share with the essentials for any business.
So, even if you normally only speak at marketing conferences, you might find opportunities to speak about marketing at a finance conference.

For example, if you do book, gigs try to get an upfront deposit, so you have some cushion over the next several months, while it’s possible.

Some of these future conferences will need to be canceled also, but you could try securing a non-refundable deposit by working out an agreement with the conference organizer to speak at a digital event or providing a digital presentation that the organizer can share with what would be attendees.
If the conference doesn’t take place better, yet if the event can take place in person, then you’ll be in a good position by putting the work in now to secure that spot.

Also speaking, at virtual events will secure your future in 2021, reach out to organizers of virtual events.
They are taking place in the upcoming months to book as many spots as they want, and you need to also in many cases you can still find events that will pay for speakers online as money in the bank.
If you get a chance to get one of those digital events, do it likewise, you can offer your own private events online, as would be conference.

Attendees may have some budget to spend on online learning.
Keep that in mind.

You may need to adopt a different style a bit, but in person, energy and mix of entertainment with education doesn’t necessarily translate the same way online.
So you might have to be flexible to meet the mood of the online event.
How about teaching a course online, similar to speaking at virtual events, you can earn income by teaching an online course, for example, using a hosting platform to awful social media courses like a linkedin learning, you may be able to find some platforms like these out there, where You can break into your keynote into a few similar modules and drive a little deeper into each session than you would have an opportunity to do in person.

If you can’t find a company to pay you to host a course put your content behind a paywall professionals.
May have more time now to view this type of content, and some companies may be willing to let employees spend on professional development during 2021.
, especially if they have the budget left over from cancel conferences.

This can be a passive income stream for you, as you can create the course once you learn and earn, and over time what have you done still had a good little business for yourself and you got your content out to the people once again.
Brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our public speaking workshop last tip for 2020.

You go out there and make it a great 2020 one, and today make it a champion day.

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