Hi brandon artisan president of champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking today.

I’d like to take a look at our upcoming future, our babies and getting them to understand that there shouldn’t be any fear of public speaking from them and don’t let it keep you away from doing some of the activities that you wish.

You could and should be participating in.
In some cases it can be hard to avoid speaking in public, whether you’re, a high school student presenting at a science fair or a college student.

Taking a debate course to fully get a credit.
That’s required chances are you’ll have to speak in public at some point, speaking in front of others can be very, very exhilarating, but mastering this skill can go a long way to helping you excel in high school and college.
If you dread class presentations or find it difficult to speak up during group discussions, you’re not alone, in fact, according to the national society of anxiety, 73 of the population had some degree of claustrophobia, a fear of speaking in public.

While it may be interesting at first looking at these numbers, but we should be finding out a way to how we can get the high school and college students comfortable enough.
So they can present their ideas to a group of people and an important skill to cultivate.
Particularly as students preparing for college many advanced high schools and university courses include some kind of public speaking component, whether it’s a formal presentation, an oral exam or simply leading a class discussion.

Many extracurricular activities might also have a public speaking component like competitions, where students must present their process and these projects or other activities like debate or model u.

Although some linger with this anxiety, it’s going to be inevitable, but there are several steps you.
The student, can take right now to boost your confidence in those areas, and we just want to take a look at a couple know.

Your topic inside out thorough research will help even the most reserved students from feeling confident on presentation day keep it structured.

The speeches and presentations should center around one main ideal, which will be the foundation of the discussion points related back to what your speech is about.

Another thing: do some trial runs practicing practicing practicing practicing your discussion beforehand will help you feel confident and ease public speaking jitters, but that means we have to rehearse our speech in front of a mirror whether it’s a group of people or family and friends do a Video, we know that many students dislike public speaking tend to rush through their discussion points.

They just want to get to the end, so it may be beneficial to think about speaking slowly and clearly to counteract this tendency.
Look at yourself in the mirror to practice making eye contact with the audience another thing where’s something you feel good in.
That’s right, the outfit the dress for the day either is going to stand.

You up taller or put you away so don’t be afraid to reach out to teacher professor administrator about the dress code and get the proper dress code.
Get all the information you need in order to feel confident about the opportunity which is public speaking, make most of your speeches in the morning.
If you can, in the morning the morning of the presentation or speaking, engagement, is not the time to sleep in give yourself enough time to review your notes, get dressed legally eat a balanced breakfast and arrive early to get familiar with the space.

If possible.
Do another run through if you have the time these tips will help.
You feel more confident on your presentation, which is the key to becoming a stronger public speaking and excelling in your defined interest.

If you are studying with how to conquer your fear of public speaking or giving presentations in class, don’t be afraid to reach out for help, that’s what your student advisors, your guidance counselors are there for to make you be the shining star, whatever your goal and dream, As a profession will be in your adult life once again, brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series of public speaking and as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion day.

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